I'm working on this new social network...Its a social network for Gospel Artiste. The background look too white and need something, not sure what to do with it. 

I will work on the logo soon..Any ideas of what I could add to make this network look even better?


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IMHO. Gospel is about the voices. I think utilizing the new space at the top of the site or under the tabs (initially used for adsense space) which Ning now gives you for a site width hd video of selected performances of Gospel artists would be really effective for who you are reaching out to.

Perhaps a nice sand color Bk-ground: Kool somebody without any Guile is going to teach the real version:Not  as venerated by Rome http://oregonshout.ning.com/group/rabbonispeaks/forum/topics/critiq...


Feel free to let me know if I can help historically, linguistically and culturally, put things back into proper order:

Very nice, love the colors! I really like Tom's idea. For some reason it popped into my head, a unique subtle background just for the member module would look cool. And although I love the white body background, maybe a background with all white except some images at the bottom?


Nice job Anthony!

I took it one more step further...Well, I kind of taken jensocial site design idea. See image below. I'm still working on the search bar, not sure I"m going with the black color. Where the logo is at too white, I'm trying to see what I could put there.

Thanks for the ideas guys..

Could you please send me the info on the search bar you have installed ? I would like to see if it would work on our web page. One Man's Voice for...Maine - www.omvme.org or www.onemansvoice.ning.com

Thank You

PS - Looking Good !

I love the look of this. May I ask how we get it to two columns? I still have the three and dont know how to change it to two but it looks like it is worth it very nice :)


If you've had your site a while and still using the old Ning Editor, and haven't added a lot of custom code; your best bet is to move over to the New Design Studio. But be aware: members cannot edit profile pages just yet. Ning announced that profile page customization is coming next week. Anyhow, the new Design Studio has this built in under Layouts. It's a little discombobulating at first glance. I actually suggest you test it out on your test site first - - via My Network/Tools/Test Network.


You turn the new Editor on from My Network/Settings/Ning Labs. Then, it's the last option at bottom labeled: Design Studio BETA. If you haven't already, I suggest reading about how to use it, first:

Design Studio Intro

Custom Your Ning with Design Studio







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