My name is Javier Sandoval and I'm making a network for teenage entrepreneur. I have already made it so that people can sign up with twitter, and are connected with facebook and twitter, so if someone posts a status itll show up on their facebook wall and their twitter. The only thing I can't set up is the sign up button with facebook. I can get to the app, and I already have a facebook app made so that people can share content with their profiles, but I don't know what url's to post in the url section of the app to have it connect with my ning network.

When I check the box to allow to sign up with facebook, the pop up window with the app id and secret shows up, I already have stuff there because the sharing app is functional, but I dont know what to add to the url sections of the app to connect it to my network to allow the sign up and sign in function.

My custom url (hosted by godaddy) is networkyoungbusiness.com.

My facebook profile is made with my tuna_fish01@yahoo.com email while my ning profile is made with jasclarioncontent@gmail.com (in case thats the problem)

But ive read that i have to write in http://networkyoungbusiness.authnetwork.com/ and other stuff in the url sections, while other forums tell me just to write my url in, I can't figure out what to put in.

Some site told me just to write my url simply in, while another one said it had to be networkyoungbusiness-1.authnetwork.com

Im just confused as to what fill in, the forums arent helpful.

Could someone that has a functional facebook sign up app tell me what their urls look like in the facebook app url sections ( like site url, app domain, app on facebook, any url needed to make the facebook sign up app functional)? What did you have to add to your url? http://? https://? .authnetwork.? where? HELP!

I just don't know what I need to add onto my curstom url on the facebook app page to make it functional. 

I'd truly appreciate it.

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and the main forum told me to add *networkauth and /facebook/callback/   Others have told me different. Please help.

When I click the sign up and sign in button for facebook on my ning network it says this 

   "error": {       "message": "Error validating application.",       "type": "OAuthException",       "code": 101    } }


I would remove your email from discussion, because spybots will grab and use it when the site is crawled.

On this type of issue, you really need to reach out to Ning Support. I wouldn't be able to assist with this, sorry. I find it confusing too.

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