My profile Appearance/advance tab CSS Codes

This new comment box has a set height as long as I click on HTML I see my santa claus graphic

As you can see the top & bottom of the graphic is chop off

Now click on HTML again to go to Visual mode & this is what I see

The graphic is gone

also if you have SMILEYS in your comment box you have to click on the HTML tab to insert your code or it will not show up in Visual mode.

I have a theme creator that is very unhappy with the changes and for now has stopped making themes.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this.

Thanks inadvance

Deborah Saralonde




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Funny how this worked out but I like it in the HELLO BOX I have a portion of the graphic from the COMMENT BOX

This what I see in my GROUPS COMMENT BOX  Go figure!!!!!

The code for this one works ok if a member is editing there own page,but if this code is put into the sites main theme code then that is what you are going to get for the GROUPS COMMENT BOX.The code is missing parts to it for it to work right in a main site theme.



You need to change the height in both parts of the code to,

height: auto !important; 

Change the background code to any color you want and leave the url blank.

If it does not want to work right for you then try switching it out to this.

background: url(-);

background-position:center 0px!important;



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