My profile Appearance/advance tab CSS Codes

This new comment box has a set height as long as I click on HTML I see my santa claus graphic

As you can see the top & bottom of the graphic is chop off

Now click on HTML again to go to Visual mode & this is what I see

The graphic is gone

also if you have SMILEYS in your comment box you have to click on the HTML tab to insert your code or it will not show up in Visual mode.

I have a theme creator that is very unhappy with the changes and for now has stopped making themes.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this.

Thanks inadvance

Deborah Saralonde




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I will check      this out Thank you Jen

This is how it looked


Sorry I have posted the graphic twice without realising 


The white area for text goes in on top of the graphic instead of showing the whole graphic

Hi Deb,

Yes, I realized this. Sorry for any confusion. I think this is the best it can get, until one of us finds if there's a way to change the white to transparent. I could not find a class that would take and retain the transparent background, and tried to explain in my reply where I shared the code.

Maybe it will be figured out eventually.



I'm sorry I was confused too. Hopefully            we will have a code for a transparent background.

Thanks for all you do Jen

Hey Deb,

Looks like TJ of jqueryhelp has some type of solution to turn off the new text editor. Only thing, it may be temporary IMHO - - not sure. Check this out. It might be of great service to your situation.:




Personally I liked the old way better...If I had to place a greeting on several pages...and I had an image and the site instructions/greeting...I could just post it and it all came out fine..Now what the H*ll is this ....?

I have to spend five minutes doing what took less than a minute Get the Image...get the writing get the get the...I will take the Old way...

One of the reasons I did not like Spruz ( among other issues) was this type of comment box.

That is also one of the reason l dislike Spruz. It now takes long to post comments. The text editor also slows the page from loading.

The new Editor box is far superior to the old one, more flexibility. I'm getting use to it.

I am trying to get a colour background or with the text area transparent with a graphic in the background.

Thank you Jen & Fantasyland for your input into this problem. 

I like the new text editor and do not wish to turn it off. But l would like to color it to match the color of themes. But until someone comes up with the codes, l am sticking with the new text editor, l am getting use to it.

A big THANK YOU to Lady Night Time for the answer

It works in the Classic Design. 


Comment BG Temporary fIX  17 February 2010

/*Start Changing BGComment by Sora */
#xg_profiles_chatterwall_post_comment_ifr {opacity: 0.5;filter:alpha(opacity=50);height: 200px !important; /*Your Comment BG height, it has to be matched with the height after this code*/}

#xg_profiles_chatterwall_post_comment {background: #fff url(your_bgcomment_url) top right no-repeat;} /*this is not optional don't know why i had bugs not giving this code*/

td.mceIframeContainer.mceFirst.mceLast {background: #fff url(your_bgcomment_url) top right no-repeat;height: 200px; /*Please match it with the height of the code above*/}

/*ENd Code by Sora*/


Tips !Use the same your_bg_comment url for both class that use 

this.xg_profiles_chatterwall_post_comment and td.mceIframeContainer.mceFirst.mce

Last, this would ask like a layer effect when you press the HTML button and the usual button

This one from Angella  @ Skemaholic!

The Idea is making the iframe of the box, to have 50% in OpacityI tested it in Chrome-FF-

and Internet Explorer and it works!

Why is the code causing the text editor to be so big? l would like to have the normal height with a color or background.



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