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We would like to create a "private area" for Administration.   Of course,  one way would be to create a 'private group' and only allow the administration/creator/owner to have access to that group.  However, I've seen the 'search' feature access content within these private groups, i.e. headings/titles of discussions and the first line.


Also, can we password protect a private area.  Would this solve the problem with members having access to discussion titles?


Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get too much advice from Ning Support on this topic.


Would love to hear from other members as to how they solved this problem.


Many thanks, WW



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A private group is the only way I know to do this on a Ning site. And your comment "I've seen the 'search' feature access content within these private groups..." I didn't realize this was the case. That's not good. I thought all content was hidden, no? I have seen a hack for attaching a password, but it was so convoluted I wouldn't be one to use it.

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yea i have a group for admin.. but i thought you could keep it private, only those invited was allowed in

Hi All:


Ning has had some problems with the search feature.  It has happeneded with a limited number of sites.  I just set-up our Private Admin Group and have put some dummy posts in it.  I've tried the search feature and haven't been able to trace any of the discussions.

I've seen the system grab discussions from private groups and place them on the right-hand side under discussions.  Again, if the group is labelled private it shouldn't happen.

I'll be monitor this group closely to see if this happens.  Will keep you posted.





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