Hi All:


We decided to try the new Ning Design Center and as a direct result we can no longer access any CSS Coding on indivudal pages (My Page). 


I've confirmed with Ning that the Design Center doesn't include any options for individual pages.   Therefore, my members can no longer access their CSS code under the "advanced" tab for page apperance.


I've been told that if we turn it off, the My Page options will return.


To turn it off under Manage, go to Nings Labs, Design Studio and remove the checkmark from the "enabled" box.


I've just turned ours off until they include a feature to allow advanced design for the individual pages.






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Hi katy,

Thanks for posting this. I meant to announce it, and forgot to. The Design Studio "switch" gives a warning that you lose member profile page customization. But, still not a great solution. Hopefully Ning will have this working the way it should, soon.


From Ning: Original Discussion Link

"Why didn't Ning launch the Ning Design Studio with profile customization enabled?

Getting profile customization to work with the Design Studio is a good chunk of work. It might seem like we removed a feature, but there was no way we could just re-use the old profile customization experience. We have to rebuild it from scratch. Because there's a good amount of work involved in this, we asked ourselves the question: Should we hold off on launching the Design Studio until we have profile customizations? We answered "No" to this question because plenty of NCs don't have this feature enabled, or don't mind removing it. Therefore, we wanted to make the Design Studio available sooner rather than later."


"Will members be able to customize their profile pages? If so, how much?

Yes! Since we're rebuilding the feature, we're going to look at it from a fresh perspective. There were lots of issues with the old profile page customization experience that we'd like to fix if we can — for example, resetting customized profiles, controlling how much members can customize, etc. We're still finalizing exactly what to do. I've heard loud and clear from some NCs that they love how their members can go totally wild with their profile pages. I've also heard — maybe less loud, but just as clear — that many NCs want a controlled profile customization experience. We're also getting some data about how networks use profile page customization, to help prioritize and guide our plans."



When you take a step back and reflect on the Ning Design Studio, as well as the Instant Ad Boxes, this was a monumental release. While we totally hear that folks want profile customization and want it now, there are a number of other next steps we need to consider and prioritize (for example, better Color Pickers with transparency options, a new Features Layout experience that is integrated with the Design Studio, Premium Themes, etc.) Most importantly, we want to make sure that everything is running 100% smoothly and we are responding to your questions about the Ning Design Studio in the Help Center. 

So the short answer is, we don't know when, and we appreciate your patience :) As much as I want everyone using and loving the Ning Design Studio, it's opt-in for a reason, and fact is that some folks will just prefer keeping things exactly the way they are."


Thanks again,



Hi Jen:


I think the warning is recent because when we turned our Design Studio on there was no mention at all about losing the member profile pages.


Now we know.


Thanks for posting the information from Creators.Ning.




"I think the warning is recent..." - - that is horrible! I had no idea. Thanks for sharing this.

Best Regards,




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