Google translation, please excuse me the errors  ;o)

1) Please what is the meaning for

G =

PG =

PG-13 =

Mature (not quite R) --> Adultos, R no tranquilo :o)  ??

R =






2) What is the meaning for


Can I find tips in spanish on VIP Ning group ?











3) I love storms, rain, lightning and clouds.  

But here there are a little cloud that not let me see nothing... LOL  !!



Thanks in advance for some help  :-)

Ayla, from Spain.



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G means General Audience

PG means Parental Guidance

PG 13 means Parental Guidance Age 13

Mature means...well... Mature

R means Restricted to Adults only

NC 17 is hardly ever used. You can disregard it. But it is age 17

I think that's a good choice for you Ayla. We'll see if Tom agrees.

I am so sorry for the "little storm". That's what happens when we float images and different resolutions. Let me think about this.

Also, so sorry for no translator on the site. I will add one next week, and never remove it again. I had removed mine due to having it in Wibiya. And I keep adding/removing Wibiya. I LOVE that toolbar. But, it doesn't love my site. ;-) I think I will try it one more time, just for the translator until I can install a single version.


I'm surprised the "cloud" bottom right is doing this. What resolution? I will remove the cloud right now, or relocate. The VIP I have to "think through".


Thanks Tom!!!!!!


Sadly, answer to your question: I cannot support Spanish in the tips I write. I wouldn't know if they were translated correctly if I paid someone to do this. This will be in the far future for sure.


Best Regards,




OMGosh, your findings are true on any resolution! I had no idea, and still wondering why. I am working on this now. And THANK YOU for reporting this storm.


Sorry for the inconvenience,


Hi Ayla,

First, thank you again for reporting this issue. I have made a critical update to this tip, and explained my findings. Look at last comment, or bottom of tip:

Best Regards,


Thanks Ayla!



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