I know previously I found a solution on your site on how to overlay a transparent box on my Ning header which, when clicked on, would always return the viewer to the homepage.  Thank you soooo much.  It was simple and easy.  Even a novice such as myself was able to complete it on the first try.  Problem #1 is I neglected to save the site used to accomplish this in my favorites and forgot its name altogether.  Can you remind me?


Question #2  Do you know of a way to overlay holiday lights or falling snow on a header?  Yes, there was a post a/b this in Ning Creators but OMG after a week of attempts, I've thrown my hands up in the air.


There must be a simply way and I'm guessing you [all] can find it.  Thank you ahead of time for your assistance and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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My pleasure, and glad we got it! ;-)

Happy Holidays, Bruce!


Ditto for the Holidays wishes !


Hi Jen:

How can I use this script on My Page rather than the whole site?


Thanks, WW


I don't see a way that would be straightforward. It likely can be done with jQuery, but a little much for me to give it a try - - could get real timely and not sure about the result. I did try, and within 15 minutes, I knew I'd better stop. It's because it's running js.

Happy Holidays!


fwiw It took a week but I finally located and answered my question #1 above.  If anyone's interested,



Is that the link? I'm confused, LOL. BTW, I apologize. I had meant to look for you, and completely forgot.





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