Is possibility to add floating object in forum?
It work in home page, groups and new added pages,  I tried in forum too but don't work it.
I used this code:

<div style=
"background-color: #CCFFFF; color:#000000; padding:0px; border:#000000 3px double; width:200px; position: fixed; top: 500px; right: 10px;">
Example text

Jen, is some possibility that it display in forum?

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Honestly, I don't know. It would be trial and error for me, as well. Did you try using position:absolute, instead of position: fixed?
Hi Jen. I don't wont use position absolute.
I would like put this object in right corner of page in forum.
I put code to category and language editr - and don't work too :(

PS. Sorry for my english.
Sorry, I don't know what would work in this case.
Anyway, thank you Jen;)
You are very helpfull for all us.



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