Hi All:


Has anyone have an idea as to what is causing a huge problem with my system not showing CSS Coding/Themes on all Ning sites.    Also, the page here at Jen's Social is a mess on my screen for My Page:



Thanks, WW

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Hi WW,

My first guess is, you may have javascript turned off. This would cause the slides in the slider to stack one on top of the other. But what throws me, you say it's happening in IE and FF when you reported the issue.


I'm about to call it a night, but will definitely check back about this tomorrow.



On my first guess: just tested this, and doesn't appear to be the problem. hmmm, maybe something will hit me.

Wow you do have a mess. I'm guessing this has not been an issue in the past because your network looks very good. I'm using firefox. I would start with the typical check list. Clean both your temp and registry. Make sure your Java is updated to the latest. Restart your computer. If these hints don't work I'm sure you will have many others by morning.


Good Luck!



No problem for my viewing in Firefox.


Hi All:


I never did discover the exact problem with viewing any of the Ning sites without all the grabbled graphics.   In the end, I did a complete clean install with Windows 7.  


Ran into a few problems again with Firefox and Flash.  I couldn't upload or view all Ning sites (again graphics down one side of page).   Ultimately I discovered a conflict between Firefox and Flash.  Also Firefox would not recognize 'Flash'.   Did the customary drill of removing Firefox and all Adobe Flash and Shockwave players, including Java.  Re-installed them all back.  This time I downloaded Firefox Beta 4 and it's working.   Yippee!!!!

Sadly this has taken over a month to fix.   Computers ..... what a pain!


Thanks for the help.






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