I am so pleased to announce that The Witches Council is really moving! We have so many wonderful Pagan, Paranormal and even graphics communities that have joined us in working hard to protect, promote and assist in member parcipation. The sister site drop down menus on each community makes it easy for members to see all the different communities that are under it.

We have a healthy collection of groups to join plus our forum and so much to do on the main page. There is so much more to come as we are currently taking The Witches Council to the next level and building a website that each creator will have their own page with a bio and an indepth introduction to their communities.

With Mysticmoons and The Witches Council and all the wonderful sister sites I sit on I keep pretty busy! Come join and get on the fast track and protected by The Witches Council!


Many blessings friends


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Thats very cool! Keep up the fantastic work!



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