I've taken my site as far as I can without any real programming skills. 

I'm looking for an expert who can efficiently and quickly finish my site. so I can launch it.  

Below are the features / elements I'm looking for - I'd like an estimate (as granular as possible i.e. how much time/$$ for each of the below). and turnaround time.

the site is www.palisadesparentsclub.ning.org

The tester username is kkbcrt@gmail.com and the password is Ning3PPC.  

Please respond ASAP! info@palisadesparentsclub.org


Palisades Parents Club Ning Site Feature and Function Requirements


At the end of Sign Up process 

Add Payment Processing Engine for recurring credit card payment e.g. $39/ year auto renewal;  At the moment I'm sending manual paypal requests and manually checking off whether someone has paid or not.  This is manageable but not optimal


Services Marketplace:

For the Services Marketplace, need some kind of job-form for members to post their availability to perform odd jobs especially babysitting; Any format, can be simple; visible to public but only members can post


Services Marketplace:

For the Services Marketplace, a way for non-members / public to post for a (recurring) fee i.e. $12/year


Calendar Function:

For the Calendar -I'm using Event Brite while waiting for Ning 3.0 to release integrated calendar.  I tried Google calendar but could not figure out an option for RSVPs.  There are about 20 people who have permission to post events (Administrator and Coordinators) - Event Brite is fine for that number of people; However the icon formatting is terrible.  Is it possible to  Improve formatting (Calendar looks really small/off center).


Sign Up:

How to set up Auto Welcome Email


Capturing Date of Sign Up 

I’m operating membership on an annual basis so I would like to send reminders a month before their membership expires and then auto-renew them (having gotten permission on their initial sign up   Example: Someone signs up (1 year membership) in March 2014 - need to send reminder to them in Feb 2015 to renew and then auto-renew/charge them for next year in 2015




Keeping details private - I want to keep the details of events like the hosts addresses private. However I want someway of showing to the public (prospective members) that there are lots of events happening or at least that there is a tab for events!


Permission Settings:

There is one administrator (me), and many "coordinators" with permissions to post on events calendar and then default "members" - everyone else.  How do I make sure that the coordinators can also see what the members see in other words - they are a higher rank than the regular members (maybe Ning does this automatically?)


Daily Digest of Important Changes:

Is it possible to send a daily digest of everything that was posted on the site; the social site feed I'm using integrates Facebook - but members are mostly using mobile to receive email and they really only want to know about (1) Messages from Me (2)  Events, (3) Marketplace, (4)  Discussion boards; (5) DIY Meetups


DIY Meetups:

Is there a better way of doing this?

DIY meetups are supposed to be like Meetup.com in that they can propose a meetup and get responses; attendees can receive updates from organizer. Most users will be working off mobile.


Member Directory

Font in the Scroll box for "Sorting" is too big for box.


Throughout the Site:       

Make Page Titles Link to Relevant Page (If possible)


Throughout the Site:

Testing of Links and Mobile View


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