Hi I am a new 'creator' and saw some mention of games being available in 2.0 but can't find anything for 3.0, are there any available, am especially looking for a poker add on.

Thank you!

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There are no built-in games. But, you should be able to embed code from a game site, into a custom page. I haven't added games in forever, but shouldn't be hard to do. Check out this site: http://www.miniclip.com/webmasters/en/

Then, go to your Sites & Pages and create a Custom Page. Click on ADD CONTENT, select HTML, then click on the HTML button, paste the embed code. I haven't tried any, but should work. Your Members will likely have to join the game site, and login.

Best of luck,


UPDATE: Seems this may be your best bet for poker: http://poker.goodgamestudios.com/

Ty I did look briefly there  and it looked like they only did that for wordpress si tes but will look again, ty! :)

Oh  missed yer update, gonna check that out in a few thanks! :)



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