Successfully running a premier Ning site for the past 6-7 years now since Oct 2008.

I have given up the ghost so as to speak with Ning, as the platform has FAILED to evolve over the years.

Back in 2008 Ning was the bees knees - providing all members with a FREE 2GB data/media storage facilty! YES and that was included in the paid for serives, as well as free services.

Ning 2 was a stepping stone, but a way of generating revenue for what was a failed business model.

Ning 3 being 18 months behind schedule, with no real way to migrate from Ning 1 or 2. 

With recent non-commitment of HELP to Ning Creators on the Creators forum, the future for Ning seems to be clear cut.

So where am I at now:

I have 3 weeks before the Closure of my site, as I am not prepared to pay $300+ a year, the $19.95 forum / mini Ning option has now gone, so NO way forward.

Just looked at available options, and seems that there is little in the way of migrating to another, other than there also being a $25-$50 bill per month.

Just tried Nings Air Data Archiever Software - and Quess what - its old software and FAILS to run on Adobe Air 14, its coded for 1.5!

So the first port of call to Download all DATA isnt looking very fruitful.

What have you done, what advice would you give, or would you just like me - consider closing it all down and giving up the GHOST and then wait for the final annoucement from Galm Media on the demise of Ning once and for all.

I understand Bebo is making a come back... so there is LIFE in an old dog...


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