I have 2 old Social Network, but I decided to work with a new one, and now it's showing me "Powered by Ning Technology | GLAM Social" at the bottom...

I asked Ning how to take out this, and this it what I get :

"Thanks for contacting us. For new Mini, Plus and Pro Networks it is not possible to remove the "Powered by Ning" messaging from the footer. We believe that our exceptional uptime (99.999% this year so far) and performance will inspire confidence in your community that you have chosen a safe and scalable platform to build your social website. Keeping our brand on your page also helps us in our business because it is a critical component to the measurement practices of our industry."

Can somebody help me with a code to hide this on my network ?


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I've been hesitant to provide this tip, because I'm still not sure if it breaks Ning's TOS. However, I found the tip on Creators, and it hasn't been deleted. Try this:




Yes, it worked... but at MY PAGE it doesn't work, or I don't know how to do it  :)  but everything is fine thanks to George H. Compton IV

This is what I got from him :

First choice put this line of code in advanced css in your design studio it will leave the Powered by their but ning & glam social will be gone

IMG.poweredbylogo {display:none!important;}

He gave me others solutions but that one worked fine for me...



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