whenever i login to my account in Google WebmasterTools i always think is Ning and Google hate each other ?

my network is more than two year old and tell now i can't endex even 500 page to google

i have more than 3000 link to my site and i supmitted as much as i could URLs as a sitemaps


i submitted Ning sitmaps ( which is usless as you will see in the below images )

i submitted all Rss URLs as there in my network as one of the staff advice us to do

but its keep givin me ERRORs as google won't allowed redirected URLs.


the Crawl error is another story

please see the below images

i posted this discussion to Creatos give me what there story with Google WebmasterTool and what they can advice me to do to stOp this ERRORs And how to upload more URLs.

thank you in advance



this My Sitemap as google has difficult to Endex it

this is how many Errors i got for my network



and this is the reason why Google had a problems whith Ning sitemaps

... Redirection of URLs!

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