To add fireworks to your website for the New Year, simply follow these steps:

  • Upload the attached fireworks.js file to your server.
  • Edit the script below by changing the script src="" to your new file path.
  • Then, add the edited script code to your page by placing into the head section:


<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>


For Ning Networks:

  • Upload fireworks.js to your Ning Network via: My Network/Content/File Manager
  • After you upload file, copy/paste the file link (copy permanent link).
  • Edit the script above by changing the script src="" to your new "permanent link".
  • Then, add the edited script to your Custom Code Box, via My Network/Tools/Custom Code
  • Add to Text Box instead, for faster loading. See below.


FASTER AND BETTER: Instead of adding the edited script to the Custom Code Box, add to a text box on your home page. This way it only loads on the home page, and much faster.

  • In an empty Text Box, click on HTML.
  • Add a DIV tag around your edited script like this: <div><script src="yourserverpath/fireworks.js" type="text/javascript">
  • Save Text Box.

If you must have fireworks on all pages, this method is still better. For all pages: Add to a text box in right column, that displays on all pages.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Script written by:

// Fireworks Effect Javascript
// copyright 3rd April 2005, 13th February 2009
// by Stephen Chapman

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