Does anyone have an idea how to remove the list from the Calendar Evenet view on teh homepage ?

I suggested this to NING but it is not on the priority list. Anyone have a workaround or some html or CSS to achieve this ?

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I think it can be done using CSS ,
Try this:
paste this code into your network > appearance > advanced .
.module_events ul.clist {display:none;}

If can't i will help you make another code .

Nice day ,
HI Elson,

thanx for this.

It works like a charm.
(why didn't NING come with this answer ?)

This leaves me with one small problem.
Our members are allowed to change theit profile pages which means that they will lose this piece of CSS when they do.

Can I also put this CSS in the special code section or do I need something else ?
Yes you can .
just add this code into your network's custom code :
.module_events ul.clist {display:none;}

It won't be affected by the changes in member's profile page .
and Ning probably too busy with the new plan stuff .

Nice day ,
Great. This will be a major improvement for the look and feel of DGA Events.

Thanx again
No problem ,
Hope to see you again in Jensocial , do drop by frequently too !

Have a nice day ,
Mr. Elson,
You are awesome. Thank you for helping out!



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