I just checked my Ning 3.0 sandbox site and I have 29 members.  How is that possible, I thought the limit was five.  When I first signed up six months ago, Ning billed me but later made a correction and now I am in Sandbox.  Do you think they forgot to change the configuration to limit me to five members.

This leaves me with a dilemma. While functional, I am using my 3.0 Ning site to test different looks and features. I probably should broadcast email everyone to join my 2.0 network.  It slightly worries me about creating a confusion SEO profile.  I named my 3.0 network the same name as my 2.0 with a "3" attached to it. Still I tempted to just wrap the current members into my beta test and invite more regular members to also become beta testers.  

Any recommendations?

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OK, I just noticed it is supposed to be on the honor system.  I will honor that and remove the extra members. Still, I am curious about any SEO confusion having two sites with similar names.  Maybe I should start over with a completely different name.



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