Message from Ning CEO - January 4, 2017

If you're negative about the Ning platform, I sure can't blame you. You have excellent reasons for feeling this way. But, call me crazy. After the announcement (January 4th, 2017) from the CEO of Ning, I am 100% convinced that Ning will make a complete and total comeback!

Excerpt from Announcement:

I want to take this opportunity to thank each and every Network Creator for your continued support!  On behalf of the entire Ning Interactive team, I can tell you that we’re motivated and inspired by the communities you’ve created and are dedicated to helping you and your networks succeed. 

The past few years have been challenging, both to our employees and more so to you, our Network Creators, but I can confirm that’s all in the past now. We’re committed to developing our people, strengthening our platform, and reopening the lines of communication while rebuilding our own community here on Creators.  We’re excited for the future and the opportunity to work with you, and we hope to exceed your expectations.

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Comment by Predestined by God on January 19, 2021 at 9:58am

Hi my sweet friend, Jen. Happy New Year! How are you?

Comment by The Dusk Spot on May 7, 2017 at 11:52pm

I share your same thoughts just about! It will be long time platform users like ourselves to encourage them to continue!

Comment by JenSocial on January 7, 2017 at 10:58am

Hi ArtRave,

Sorry to hear all that, and thanks for sharing.  It's been tough for so many, including myself. It's been a big ole mess. The person you dealt with was probably the only support person at the time, and I'm pretty sure he was outsourced in India. All of that has changed for the better. I'm glad they finally refunded your money.

On WordPress, search on plugins for slideshows. There are many out there. That might help you organize some of your photos in your blogs.

Hope to see you check in with us.

Best to you,


Comment by on January 7, 2017 at 3:28am

After nearly 9 years I had had it with Ning. For the passed few years my sites were being used less by my members as I had opened alot of groups and pages for them to use on Facebook and used my ning more for my stuff and kept the sites and membership was down to about 170 members which was fine, easy to manage and I would  have kept it until I got that email in August about them wanting to double the prices and force the mini nings to upgrade as I had 2 of those but mostly as reference and ad sites.
I decided I didnt want to pay double when they had that one potential buyer and were raising prices in Sept stating they would be deleting sites that didnt upgrade.For my usage the $24.95 monthly on my site was about all I felt it worth as I  had to do all my paypal buttons individually and lots of the other stuff and pages manually so just felt the platform was too dated and hard to get a newer more modern look though I tried combos of nearly every background and font they offered.
I wrote to my members and told them the site was closing Sept 30th and decided to take their email about deleting sites seriously and let it go. I went to Wordpress where i have had blogs for years and began developing them and using their tools to add pages and tabs and menues and it took about 3 wks to get most of it set up to do similarly to what i was doing on my Nings.
I planned on going to GoDaddy on Oct 1st and transferring my urls so my members could come over if they liked or that I would see them on twitter or facebook.
Then Oct 1st my paypal was hit by Ning and they took out the monthly fees as if nothing had happened and as if they never said they were doubling the costs!
That got me mad since they were the ones breaking the agreement and for the most of September my site was 'down' and the url somehow bumped and wasnt working though i hadnt done anything to it yet and I wasnt able to get my files off mysite while it was still paid for. I attributed it to trouble in paradice with theri servers and wondered if they had them set up perhaps the same way Hillary did  or like in someone's apts the 5 or more large business size computers that they had from years ago perhaps with a couple more patched in all interconnected and on auto while negotiations were underway to sell their old equipment and platform to any bidder.
I called them and told them I never upgraded and that I wanted a refund of Octobers costs since I didnt have access most of Sept and didnt agree to their new prices.
The Ning who I spoke to had a bit of a language barrier and assured me that they decided to keep the old prices. I told him that was too late as I already notified everyone that I was not upgrading the site plan and just spent 3 wks setting up a new platform on Wordpress.
I was going to also upgrade the wordpress to their paid version after building the pages but so far have hit no stumbling blocks to continue building it and no requests or demands for upgrades although they offer it , for now til I finish the way I want to set it up, will just let it remain as a free site.
November came and went and I had talked to Paypal about Ning taking payment in October when it was their email to me that said if I didnt upgrade before Oct 1st that my sites would be deleted. Paypal said to contact  Ning for the refund due to me but to cancel the subscription on Paypal's end so Ning couldnt take any money out in the future, thus they revokd the auth for me.
Ning meanwhile after talking to them 3x by phone~ starts emailing me saying to put in an alternate payment method as they couldnt get the November fee~!
I wrote them back a few more times and said it was they who owed me~!
It wasnt til I wrote that I would blog about what they did and file complaints to the BBB and AG that the response softened and they finally refunded my October payment just last week.
After reading your message however,it does bring backthe feelings of my old sites and I do miss having it.During my site time I only had 74K unique visitors but for what I didnt with art promotions and sales and to  use it as a hub for all m my online activities, I wasnt dissatisfied enough with the Ning 2.0 to have given up on it had I not received that August message. 
I would like to check in still from time to time to see how these new owners act and if the platform improves again. Maybe I would rejoin Ning down the line as I have the Wordpress up and running its a blog and i dont blog that often but need to organize and see how I can get the art photos into some sort of slideshows as that was one of the best features of the Ning 2.0, I never sandboxed the 3.0 as I saw poor reviews about it but in the New Ning owners really want to restore their network,I could possibly start it over again.
Have a happy New Year and best of luck with your sites.

Comment by JenSocial on January 6, 2017 at 9:31pm

The Dusk Spot, thanks!

Comment by JenSocial on January 6, 2017 at 9:30pm

TJ, thanks!

Comment by jQueryHelp on January 6, 2017 at 8:38pm

Everything goes in cycles.  Ning is at the bottom but has the potential to rise up again.  We will be looking at any new features they add, and will be there to customize it and improve it for all of our loyal clients that have worked with us and stuck it out with Ning.  Whatever they do not add, we can add for you!

Happy New Year to all!

Comment by The Dusk Spot on January 6, 2017 at 5:58pm

I'm highly excited as well!

Comment by JenSocial on January 6, 2017 at 4:55pm

LOVE and LIGHT world, Thanks for your thoughts, feeling positive. :-)

Comment by LOVE and LIGHT world on January 6, 2017 at 4:53pm

Thanks, my dear NING, I am hoping that in the new your future I will be able to say you again - as many years ago  - THANK YOU !

ramsiel, creator of the Love and Light world - in 2008 year


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