Greetings friends!
Mysticmoons is growing daily, with over 1,223 members and 80 groups, we have a little something for everyone! There is a donation button on the main page so that members may donate to their community! We are taking Mysticmoons to the top!

I have since opened two new Ning communities, The Witches Council We are a sitting Council that serves and monitors the Pagan Communities by providing guidance, membership and promoting, participation and improvement to best serve members. We provide Pagan news and want Pagan views! Creators and members welcome!

I have also opened up a Mall! Its called Magickal Mall and its a wonderful Mall where those handmade items and items for sale! Shoppers browse all the Shoppes (groups) and there is evrything! A complete line of Metaphysical Supplies and Gifts, handmade things, Computers and parts along with software and games too! Cell Phones, Electronics, Housewares, Home and Garden, Books, Jewelry Gaming and you name it! Come sell or come shop!

Mysticmoons has taken some needy causes under our wing. There is a donate button for the cause of your choice! We have Please Help Missing Children, Breast Cancer Awareness, Diabeties Awareness, Victims and Survivors of Abuse 2 (V.A.S.A 2), Pagans wih Mental Illness and disibilities and Staying Clean, a place for recovering Substance and Alcohol Abuse.

We also have a wise teacher aboard for our teens to learn and a great resource for parents too!

Come on over to Mysticmoons and feel the warm family atmosphere and fellowship. Learn, teach and grow with us! Mysticmoons, The Craft of the Wise Our friendly Admins and Council members too are here to assist you along your path to spiritual enlightment!

Many blessings
~Lady Ks, Creator of Mysticmoons

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Comment by Temple of Our Lady of the Moon on March 7, 2010 at 1:57pm
Temple of Our Lady of the Moon is also a stuanch supporter of Domestic Violence Causes. You have a fabulous site and I honor you today for all the hard work you are doing Lady Ks.....BB


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