cairoden radiamodaz
  • 25, Male
  • iligan city
  • Philippines
  • Arts
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At 8:15pm on April 23, 2009, JenSocial said…
Welcome cairoden!
Thank you for adding your Ning Network to the Ning Directory. In order to maximize attention to your Network, - - please change your Member Name to your Network Name: ceanuri, and your Member Photo to your Network Logo. If you have already done this, thank you. THIS WILL HELP GET YOUR NETWORK NOTICED BY VISITORS, AND IS REQUIRED TO MAINTAIN MEMBERSHIP. :-) If your personal name and photo are representing your Network, when possible, please add your Professional Title to the end (i.e. Johnny Smith, Musician). When you change your member name here on the Directory, it should not effect any of your other Ning accounts/networks.

THE LIST: Don't forget to add your Ning Networks to THE LIST. You can add multiple Ning Networks under one member account. Be sure to close Discussion/Listing, if you don't want commenting. Note: Limit 2 Listings per Ning Network.

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I sincerely wish you and your Ning Network, tremendous success! And I hope that the Ning Directory is both rewarding to you and your Network.

Best to you,



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