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This is a special Group that contains premium Ning Tips for serious Ning Network Creators. Jen will offer special support and assistance to Group members when possible. For starters, learn how to add Google Ads to bottom of all blogs, learn how to insert just about anything, anywhere! A minimum of 24 fabulous tips will be added per year. A low subscription fee of $49.95 per year, or $34.95 for 6 months, will get you tons of great tips and special attention. One premium tip would cost you much more!

Testimonials from some of our VIP Members of Jen's Premium Ning Tips and Private Club:

JenSocial is the SuperHero for all NING sites.

She is a genius and by using just a few of her tips, my site and members have benefited greatly.

I highly recommend joining her Premium group if you are a Network Creator.  You have no idea what you are missing out on.

Cheers from One Happy Camper

Jerry :) - http://hutteritenetwork.com/

I have been with NING for over 3 years and have yet to come across another Network or Network Creator as helpful as Jen and www.jensocial.com. As newcomer to CSS , HTML and codes in general finding Jen Tips was a blessing. She not only lays out the tips step by step she is also quick with responding to creators questions. I felt like she was holding my hand the whole way. I would recommend JenSocial.com to all NING network creators. The Premium Tips alone are worth joining the network.

Robert - http://www.poziam.org

I am thrilled with my two sites after joining Jen's Premium Tips. The older one looks 10 times better and the I started a new one and built it around the slider from the premium tips! I have over 100 members in one month. That NEVER happened on my older site. I highly recommend the Premium Tips for beginners to experts alike!
Susan Daniels, Owner and Creator
Enerjized Lifestyle

JenSocial is absolutely the best. Jen works around the clock and she does her best to help out each member personally.

I am MCSE and CCNA certified and I had been working with websites, blogs for a long time. I know my way around websites and blogs. But when I signed up with Ning, Ning was awesome and its like a facebook, it has videos, photos, blogs, discussions, friends, etc. It also has help instructions like Facebook if you know what I meant. Besides some of the very obvious things, anything beyond that is up to you. That's where Jen came in, she helped me out with many questions I had with Ning Creators.

If it was not for Jen, my website would be a mess. So signing up with Premium Ning Tips was a no-brainer, You will get so much more then the price you paid.

Paul Hong - http://www.myrealestatemarketplace.net/

JenSocial is the absolute best site to get helpful tips to improve your network. The Premium Ning Tips are a dream come true for those who are not real knowledgeable in coding. I am thankful to have found this site and one premium tip is more than worth the price. Thank you so much Jen for offering this service to us, it's greatly appreciated.
Alice Coaxum -WahmsOnline.com




Once upon a time, I was basking like a little girl in the candy stores of NingWorld searching and hunting for a new world of hope.  And then one NingDay, BooYah (Jen's favorite word...hehe), I stumbled across a golden nugget. 

But this was no ordinary nugget you see; for I had found the most desired Ningnugget in NingWorld; the nugget of NingLife itself, Jen's Premium Ning Tips.  And Just when I thought that my NingLife couldn't get any better, there it was staring at me, the element of what I had been missing and waiting for all my NingLife ....


OMGosh, I couldn't believe my eyes, and for a moment, I thought it was a mirage of the crazy cyber-desert Ninglife.  But lo' and behold, like a bright crimson flower, lying in the fields was the lily in the valley of my cyberspace Ningworld ... Jen's Premium Ning Tips.


While the site alone stands on it's own, the Premium Ning Tips, like no other group, quenches the thirst of my growing and thirsty passion to create and maintain the ambiance of a delightful, engaging environment for my members.   The Premium Ning Tips is soooo worthwhile and you most certainly get more than what you pay for.  I've learned so much of the in's and out's of my network, learned "stuff" and terms I would have never known, and have grown to love the essence of what Jen's Social brings to my NingLife ... QUALITY!

Jen, you are unbelievably aHmazing and your work and support for all of us speaks for itself.  As they say, the proof is in the pudding ... BooYah!!!

~Narda Goodson, First Lady of Whitewright, Texas - http://predestinedbygod.com

Thank you Jen for taking the time to create a great site with great tips! Your involvement with everyone's questions and issues, no matter how specific, is unbelievable. I've been able to customize my site in ways that would be impossible if it weren't for your premium tips. Even when a tip causes issues with people's networks, including my own, you take the time to troubleshoot the issue with us. They say customer service is key...and your customer service may be the best I've encountered. Again, I thank you, and I hope you receive the support necessary to maintain this level of care for your network, and all of our networks. God bless!

Olympia Scott, President & CEO

Super Parenting LLC - SuperParentingSocialNetwork.com

Jen Social is the ANCHOR for Network Creators with incredible tips  to help improve your site.
This group is worth the entry fee after only using 3 tips, my site members loved what I have done to our site.
You don't know what your missing out on. Guaranteed The best place to hang out.
Lady Deborah Saralonde
Creator and Owner
Dreamcatchers {{{ HUGS }}}® - http://aussiedreamcatchers.ning.com

I have practically zero experience with building websites, and even Ning's network seemed too difficult to tweak on my own. However, after I discovered Jen's site, I learned how easy it really was. Even if I do not fully understand the coding, Jen explains the issues in layman's terms so even us beginners can understand.

Now I have a great site that I have custom made myself that meets my sales requirements, and now has a great environment for my language students to interact in. There is no one I have to thank more for this then Jen. 90% of all I have learned I have learned on jensocial.com, and I would recommend this site and her premium tips for any Ning user.

Eric Velouria - http://www.jiahuaschool.com

When I first created my own Ning site in June 2008 after introduced by one of my good friend.  I felt confusing because this is like I have to create my own Facebook from scratch. However, after I started to have more and more members joining my site, I understand that its time that I do something on my site to serve the community.


From time to time, I learned from all other Ning sites but things are going very slow because I am a newbie in creating a social network. One day, I was introduced by Grace (one of the member on my site) to https://theningdirectory.ning.com/.  I was shocked and excited because this is the site which I have been looking for to improve my Ning site.


I even started to advertise on JenSocial.com and it increases the traffic to my site.  For those who have been with The Ning Directory, you all know that how the Alexa for JenSocial.com from the beginning to today's 37, 915!


Its even unbelievable when Jen started the Premium Group with an unbeatable price of $29.95 / yearly!  It's impossible to find this deal elsewhere for Ning platform lovers!

Thank you Jen for your all your support and advice all these years, without it I won't have a site that I want today!
Ben - http://www.homebasedbusinessprogram.com

If not for Jen and all her help and advice, tips and support, l would not know what to do. She helps people to understand and improve their website. l think everyone would be better to have Jen's help to create a better website. This is the best place to be for all your website needs.

Thank you Jen, You are the greatest.

Fantasyland - http://landoffantasy.ning.com

JenSocial's Premium Group helped us to grow faster.


I am a bit late on this but want to say that, Jen I have been on your site for well over 2 years I believe, and have received nothing but love, understanding and support, What you do is amazing, you tirelessly dedicate your time to us and help us in matter that would other wise leave us pulling our hair out! I love you Jen for all you do, ever since I joined your site my site blossomed, but sine I joined the premium tips, it has matured!

International Starseed Community - http://Starseeds.Net

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