Find Ning Networks Across Web

This Group is for those who want to search for Ning Networks across the Internet.
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  • JenSocial

    Cool, happy to hear it. I don't many people have found it, according to the page views.
  • JenSocial

    Glad to hear you're enjoying the search feature! Keep in mind Ayla, Ning Networks are white label now (stand on their own, no more Ning umbrella). This is how it was when I opened my first Ning Network, or I would have never opened it. It's sure not a bad idea to do what you are doing. But, I guess what I'm trying to say: search for competition regardless of platform. That's really all that matters now. ;-)

    Have a great weekend,


  • - Jens

    When a person is going to create a new network, it helps to know if other networks are alreadydealing with the same subject, so that the operator decides whether to change the subject from his own.


    Hi Ayla, this point above is very important - it makes no sense to have 10 similar networks for everything - we need a focus and unique white label network in the world wide web.  


    I am thankful that Jen started this group. Most of my tutorial videos which I created need to be updated not alone that NING changes the interface. Some apps are not working like the music tubebox - as well YouTube changed their interface too and for my own I changed some tab und subtabs on my network too ....


    I wish you both a nice weekend too.