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With the recent changes to JenSocial (formerly the Ning Directory), it's a great time to start a new Welcome Team Group. Please join if you would like to help welcome new members. : )
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  • Administrator☼JenSocial

    Hello everyone and welcome to ~ Welcome Team ~ on the flashy JenSocial the best place to be 

    My Name is Debbie Enjoy and asks lots of questions and someone will have an answer for you

  • Texas Social Network

    Hi Jen
    thanks for the invite .im back now,i had lost thelink to the site and wasnt able to get back here,thanks for the send.i wish i could be a welcome member ,it sounds good,but i am not on as much any more and i wouldnt be able to be here to welcome everyone. i try and be here when i can though as a member . its great to be back here again and seeing the group.

  • Administrator☼JenSocial

    Morning from Australia

    We  have survive the bushfires, now we are being flooded here