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  • The York Paranormals

    Thanks Jen. I had it added in my Custom Code section and they were still able to override it. In response, I have added it as a site button which would appear on every page. I gave it the same Top and Left px amount as I had used for my XN logo settings. That sat it in the same position so that it was no longer able to be removed. In order to remove it, they would have to also hide important page attributes. I used Javascript and set the position to absolute so that it scrolls with the page and still gave it the z-index at 1. I had placed it in the css first but when anyone uses their own css theme, it deleted it. that is why I was using the code in my Custome box... Now I will watch and see how it goes with the new Javascript placement I used to place it on all the pages.

  • JenSocial

    Good stuff, hope that works well for you!

  • The York Paranormals

    Thank you Jen. I am admittedly worried how they will react to what I have done. I don't think it is improper for me to have the one single nonnegotiable point being that the Logo isn't to be removed. I let my members control everything else about their profiles, groups, blogs etc. What is your thought about it. Is it out of line for me to insist the logo be visible not hidden?