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We'd all love to hear about your Social Community/Network. Tell us about it. What's your purpose/theme? Your aspirations? Your Ambitions? Your Accomplishments?

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  • Candles Makers Guide

    Hi My Ning Network focus on Candle Makers, Soap Makers & Handmades! On The Candle Makers Guide we help save the hassle of searching online for ways to get started on How to Make Soy Candles, Palm, Paraffin and other types of waxes. We lend a helping hand, we all are aware of top Candle Suppliers, we also share support, lend advice and have step by step instructions to get you started if it's your passion or a hobby you would like to try. More than  likely you will have to a passion for doing something so you can enjoy doing it and not give up.

    We are a group of talented Candle Makers & Crafters where we do it ourselves. Many or all members already have a Craft Business such as a Candle Business or Soap Business that joins. Many are just starting out and need help and advice. Soon I would like for the Candle Makers Guide to be the biggest Craft Site on Ning, thats for Candle Makers, Etc.


    Candle Makers Guide

  • Friendship Manner

    Good Morning Friends...

    I have a social network called Friendship Manner, a NO DRAMA group for women to meet other woman, for friendship and support...

    A safe place for women to come share, have fun and offer friendship and support to other women.  A place to build true friendships that last a life time.. 

    We offer a variety of different groups, weekly live chat, blogging and so much more!

    I currently have 8 members, because I just started out - but am hoping that word will get out to other women all over the world and to let them know that True friendships are so important.. 

  • Susan Proffit

    THE GREAT RECESSION OF 2008 was the catalyst that inspired  Footwear, Fashion & Sporting Goods B2B Network 

    Nov. 2008 was a time in US history I will never forget.  As a recruiter the magnitude of what happened in November when our banks stopped lending ranks right up there with other major events. I can remember exactly what I was doing at the time, like the day our president was shot.  I was busy working on several jobs searches for three clients. First one client put off hiring anyone until further notice, followed by the other two a week later.  I didn’t need to ask why, nor did I take it personally.  It was bound to happen; and I suddenly had more time on my hands than I wanted.  Many recruiters left the business that year, but I had saved for a rainy day and this was it.


    Then came a massive influx of resumes and calls from industry contacts.  The phone never stopped ringing and all were of the same nature, another had just lost their job. Many I cared about were being laid off for no fault of their own in a massive effort by companies to downsize to survive. As Christmas approached it became clear; IT WAS TIME TO PAY IT FORWARD.  My job suddenly changed from recruiter to counselor & friend.  I went about the daily hand holding trying not to slip into a depression myself.  I advised others to update their resume and helped them do it, stay busy, keep the chin up, think positive and plan their next great adventure.  I suggested some of them donate their time to charity so they didn’t fall into a depression or leave a blank spot on their resume.

     Then it hit me. I should do the same; make the most of this newly found TIME to build a stronger network and reorganize my files.  I felt worse with every call.  So many were hurting and I couldn't offer a solution. All I could do was try to help them help themselves, so it was time to take a chance. This may sound like a crazy thing for a recruiter to do, but I didn't view it like that. Those with the jobs couldn't afford me, so why not introduce them directly to those needing them? I was certain my regular clients would still want me when they were solvent and able to hire again, and thankfully I was right. 2013 was a banner year.  Everyone needed to pull in the belt for a time and some still do.  The network has evolved from helping people find jobs into a worldwide B2B network of professionals using it for cross networking information and sourcing.

    We started small. With the help of three footwear professionals we set up the website.  We helped ourselves and others by providing a spam free site to advertise ourselves, services, products and expertise to others worldwide without charging a fee. There are other B2B networks but none I know of that are totally free to everyone and run by the members.  Our network is truly a charitable cause that is now organized by several dozen members three years later.  It has grown to almost 5000 members and 28 autonomous sub groups without advertising and become an important industry resource for members.  It works because of that, not me.  I am not a well-informed computer savvy developer.  I wish I were because I know this network could be so much better than it is if I understood how to use some of the features.

    If anyone here wants to tell me how to make our network better, I'm all ears.

    Kind regards,

    Susan Proffitt