I never before thought of using Google Alerts like this until I read a mention of it somewhere.  Sorry if everyone already knows this!


Google Alerts http://www.google.com/alerts lets you put in words that you want to track and it will email you when they appear online somewhere.  


I have a site for women motorcycle riders.  So I put in the site name, and "women motorcyclists" and similiar.   It emails me instantly, daily or weekly when these keywords are mentioned.  Then I go to that site, and I post a response. I have gained a few new members AND put more links to my site on the big www!

Another great benefit is that it is giving me some great topics for posting relevant content on my own site.


Maybe I'm slow on this one, but its worth mentioning, because its pretty cool. :)

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I'm glad you did. Great post! Like you said, it helps find other content relevant to your network.

Thanks for the tip!

I would have never thought to use this the way you have described here. Excellent idea, and thank you for sharing.



Oh, good!  Glad ya'll liked it.

Thank you!


Ha!  Love the scooter girl :)  Can I use it?

Of course! I saw it and I remembered you!

It's a gift for you ♥






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