I personally Like this script very much, it really helps a lot while writing blogs and in forums.


Paste this script in the analytic box.


<script type="text/javascript" src="http://buttercup.spellingcow.com/spell/scayt"></script>


let me know if you guys like it.

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Nice tip, thanks.
Cool tip

Now none of my members can post without checking their spelling first
I hate to say it Deborah. But, it slowed things down a little too much for me. Maybe if I didn't have a few other things installed, it would be great. It definitely seems to work very well.
I agree waiting too long not good
well....I agree that it slows things up...
but there is an option to uncheck it, you site will be back to the original speed. This tool comes with an option to use or not to use, it will surely help people while writing blogs and stuff in terms of avoiding spelling mistakes.

I am happy that you guys checked out this script.

Warm Regards,
It's a very nice script, no doubt.
glad u liked it....cheers!!!
thats really strange....nothing happened in my network and no complaints from my members either..
its good that you uninstalled if there is such problems.....I obtained this tool from external site so dont know much about it......cheers!!!
Hi Angels Launch,
That is odd. I checked on SpellingCow, when this tip was added. It has a very good reputation, and has been around a long time.
McAfee Site Adviser Report:

I wonder if it shows ads, and if that's what you're seeing?

Thanks for reporting this. I would like to find out exactly what happened. Is there any chance you captured a screen shot when the anonymous comments were left?


Update: I just found this text, under the installation script.
"We've taken measures to ensure users know the advertisement is coming from SpellingCow by display the text "Ad by SpellingCow". However, we also understand some sites might prefer to delay showing the advertisement until users explicitly opt to activate the checker, thereby clarifying the origin of the ad. To have the checker (and the advertisement) disabled by default, you'd want this instead..."
Seems to work fine on my page...thanks so much!

Love it! Thanks! I don't see a delay on my site yet



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