For Ning Network Creators Using the "Notes" Module:

I just had a Client and friend of mine, ask about the Notes Module, and how to make the list look better organized? I've never really looked at this closely. We're referring to the page that contains all the headers and links, to your Notes. Wow, is it hard to read!

Here's the link to all notes:

Below, you will see 3 lines of code (in red) that will make your "Notes List" look much more organized.

The next line of code makes the Notes Title (header) larger. The catch is: it will make all headers that are set to the HTML Large Header (H3) larger - - but only within notes.
.xg_widget_notes .notes_list h3 {font-size:2em;}

* Change the 2em (which means twice as large as your H3 default), to suit your needs. You can use the pixel size format, too: 16px.

The next line of code adds a line below each Note. If anyone notices any different, please let me know.
.xg_widget_notes p.small {border-bottom:1px dashed #333333!important; padding-bottom:15px;}

* Change the border color: #333333, to suit your needs. You can also change "dashed" to "solid", "dotted", or "double". The padding parameter sets the spacing, before the divider line.

The next line of code sets the Title Header background style.
.xg_widget_notes .notes_list h3 {background-color:threedface;}
* You could add this style to your first line of code (same class). I have separated it, to make this easier to understand.

After you edit the lines of code, add to your Advanced CSS code:
Manage/Appearance/Advanced CSS
Click Save.

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Here's the link to all notes:

NewNetwork is still being set up!

Under ConstructionSorry! However, it's easy to start your own Ning Network.
Create a Ning Network!

I'll check back later Thanks Jen
Hi Deborah,
That's just the example link for the notes on your site, if you're wanting to use this tweak. I wanted to show where these changes would happen - - if that makes sense. You would replace the word "yourning" with the name of your Network.
Best to you,
Thanks Jen

I'll note it for later
Yea I definitly like this! I also installed the ND tool bar to my puter....hehee I like that...its a nifty little tool bar!
Hi Our Lady of the Moon,
Cool! Happy to hear that.
How can I make a subtab for adding notes?

I did make a subtab using a category for my notes ie Archives. Worked very nicely.
I couldn't get a link to work for adding notes. It appears to be in an odd link, and possibly an array.

Let me know if you find out differently.

Wish I could have helped,
I figured it out,

its /notes/add

I titled the tab "Add note" and made the tab visible to administrators. It works for now.

Then I also searched through notes to do a short category list. I did a search in my notes. For example searched for "archives. and added a subtab.

DOH on my part, LOL. Good for you, and great job!

Thanks for sharing.

Jen this is great and very helpfull ;)
My notes: here.



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