Hi Jen, Alex and all ningers. My question is: Is there a tip to resize images latest activity module and look bigger (like Facebook)? Users complain that they are very small.

Les agradecería muchísimo su ayuda u orientación.

(Sorry for my english)   :)

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Dr. Husky,

Can you provide an example? Are you referring to photos only?



The idea is to increase the width of the images to occupy all the space module Last activity. On our site there are people with visual impairment who has trouble reading or distinguish the images and they appreciate a lot. Thank you very much for all the support :)

Dr. Husky,

I'm surprised. I cannot figure this out. I'll let you know if I do.

Best Regards,


I need it to be something like this:

I have tried but have not succeeded. This would be an EPIC TIP!!!

You spend a great day :)

Thanks Jen for all your attention and patience. :)



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