Raven's Magick dedicated to the Morrighan,Witchcraft, Magick ,Pagan community









Raven's Magick is a Goddess,Witchcraft,Pagan Community site  for networking, sharing in knowldge experinces,meditation, mini classes,
Members may  start their own group  forum, lead meditation or min class  for sharing, start Social Directory Listings, Basic readings are free and will be available at set times Link exchange availble as well
All welcomed
Also  we have simple bylaws
Merry Meet
Welcome to Raven's Magick Dedicated to the Morrigan,
Paganism, Witchcraft, Wicca and Occult community.
To  keep the peace, and harmony  in this site
I will keep these simple
Must be 17 yrs of age
Respect and tolerance shall be shown to all
No disrepecting, flaming, bullying  of any kind will be tolerated
Groups shall not be used for  slaming paths or traditions you do not agree with.
If you disagree totaly with somone it is ok and it is ok to say why,  and state your view.however disagree in an adult and mature manner Remember everyone has their own truth and belief system.
Absolutely no spamming of members!
No obscene,vulgar pictures
Chatroom is used for sites functions
  and occasional fellowship chats to be announced in Events
If interested in doing a meditation, teaching subject or sharing Please contact the Adminstrators first
These are simple  and reasonable .
If you have a question, suggestion  and or a problem feel free to
contact  any of the Administrators
From the Administrators
MorrighanRavenMoon & Essence of Morrigan


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