I want to set my sub tabs so that when they open upward on the page instead of downward on the page. Is there a CSS code I can add for this, or a fragment of CSS I can add to my sub tab section of my advanced code which would make this happen? If so Please let me know.


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Did you ever get this figured out?  try 

.subTab {bottom:100%;}

I sure did Bekah. I even took it a few steeps further. I set the sidebar to be horizontal rather than vertical, hovered it to the right side of the page and anchored it to the very top of the screen, Instead of using a color for my borders I used stretched images so that the background pic I used for it would automatically shape itself in the shape of the border. It came out pretty nifty. I couldn't manage to get it to be interactive successfully, but it works for regular computers, notebooks, laptops, etc. I am now trying to figure out the way to make it successfully interactive. If you want to see what I did with it, let me know and I will give you the URL.

Very nice Bekah and The York Paranormals. Nice share. =)

Would love to see the URL!

I am pleased to share. I wish I was able to let more members in, but it is a sandbox so I am still limited. The URL is http://stabilitytrek.ning.com/  I have had some awesome help along the way on my networking. Jen you have helped, The owners of the Theme Worx before it closed out has been great, and so have members of this site. I find myself thankful for all of you. I also need to change part of what I said before. I meant to say I made my navigation bar vertical rather than horizontal and I somehow put it in reverse of what I meant. LOL! I hate when that happens. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the bar. I also noticed that I had thought I thanked Bekah for the help, and hadn't so I extend my thanks now.



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