Ning Plus and Pro Pricing Increase

Just announced by Ning's CEO Jason Rosenthal, effective after July 20, 2011, Ning's Pro and Plus Subscription Plans will increase. You will have the opportunity to purchase your plans on an Annual basis to maintain the current pricing.
The new pricing will be:

According to Jason, Ning has added all kinds of new features in the past year, with major investments for an improved platform, better platform performance - - making Ning subscriptions more valuable.


He mentions the following features that have been implemented this past year:

Ning Design Studio, Social Sign-in, Leaderboards, Like Buttons and Ning Everywhere.

He then talks about the "up and coming" "Paid Access", which will enable Ning Network Creators to charge for membership for a Network or Special Content. Ning Network Creators may take issue or be confused with the mention of the "Paid Access" module in this announcement. There's an additional monthly fee to activate the new module when it's available: $19.95. It's not included in the "more valuable subscription" features.


Mr. Rosenthal completes the announcement with comments about the upcoming Activity Feed that will offer better member engagement.


My immediate thoughts are:

  • The new Activity Feed rocks, no doubt about it. Ning Members can add Status Updates from the home page, comment on other member's Status Updates, make comments on Photos, Videos, videos inline, and more.
  • The other new Features are great too. There's no denying it.
  • The platform has hit an all time high on uptime, instead of downtime, at about 99% uptime according to Ning.


But here are the questions:

  • How will Ning Network Creators react?
  • Is Ning soon to be the platform of choice for the larger player? Is it becoming too cost prohibitive for smaller business?
  • What do you think?


To be fair, I'll tell you all what I feel about the increase, in a little more detail:

I feel it's a bit too sudden for some NCs. And I feel the "paid access" should be included. Aside from those I'm okay with it - - especially if we continue to receive a stronger and better product. But, would I be okay with yearly increases? Absolutely not.


Ning provides a phone number for anyone who has questions about this upcoming change. Jason encourages you to give them a ring at 888-278-4386 if you are located in the U.S. or Canada, or 650-713-3158 if you are located outside of these countries.


Join the Conversation...


See original announcement on Creators


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FYI Just got reinstated last night. About "bleeping" time. :-) Some of what I wrote was to make a point about what I think Ning would like to hear and some of it semi serious.
I was told from the beginning that my suspension was temporary but I'll assume your question is rhetorical :-). On balance, I contribute as much if not more than I exhibit "extreme negativity"  so I would hope this would not be a permanent especially since it was without warning and people who have been banned have even gotten warnings
this is to soon... wow

You all may be interested in the Group that just opened. It's already getting very interesting:

Speak Your Mind!


Tired of being censored? Feel free to speak your mind! Voice your opinions, thoughts, and ideas - - about whatever. SCREAM! You won't get chastised. Just keep it socially acceptable between us. Otherwise, SPEAK UP! Private, yet open to all members.

We have been looking forward to Paid Access, but are very surprised and VERY disappointed that Ning see this as another way to make money out of Network Creators. A “one off payment” would have been acceptable, but to charge $19.95 per month on top of what we are already paying for a Pro Account + increased pricing due in July, is a "punch below the belt."

We were hoping that implementing Paid Access on our network would help toward our running costs, which together with our hosting costs, is nearly $1,000 a year. Charging for paid access is a real kick in the teeth for people like us and other non-profit networks. It’s a very great shame that Ning, rather than helping its network creatures, seem set on making life more difficult for them by charging a monthly fee for Paid Access.

Charging Pro Account holders for "add ins" seems very underhand when we have previously been told that the Pro Account was "all inclusive." This is nothing other than a "rip-off", and Ning needs to very seriously reconsider where they are going now with charging extra fees for add-ins. What is certain is that instead of making a stash from their customers with charging extra for add-ins, Ning will, without doubt, be loosing lots of customers if they implement such a policy.

There have been members that have been unfairly suspended from Creators for voicing their disappointment in price increases while hundreds of questions and concerns were left unaddressed and unanswered. Those of us who have been suspended still have links from Creators that show up in the Dashboard Announcement Box. Is there anyway to remove them since they don't show anyway and have your update status' from Jen's Social received in the stead?  Why would I, a paying customer, want Creators on my Dashboard occupying space if they are not willing to provide any information but a reminder that accounts have been suspended?

Jen's Social is where we really get great feedback, excellent customer courtesy, and quality all the way around. Jen's Social have won the hearts of many NC's. On behalf of thousands of NC's we want to show our appreciation for always taking the time, no matter how great or how small to make us feel valued and appreciated ... Now, that's what you call banging customer service ... BOOYAH! We love you, Jen!

I wouldn't delete the content. If anything, let them do it!
Wow ... copyright laws?  Your kidding? I posted my copyrights for my Ningfomercial, interestingly, which started discussion on that topic. HMMM! I've kept a copy of all the transcripts. We may want to move this discussion to the PRIVATE group. LOL ... ya' know who's reading, right?
And you are correct ;-)... thank you for the reminer!

Pro sites will be 10.00 a month higher paying by the month

Plus sites will be 5.00 a month higher paying by the month.

If you have not be suspended from Creators, you may be interested is seeing what people are saying about the price hike.



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