Ning 3.0 Member "Profile Page" Privacy Update and Instructions

Ning 3.0 Profile Page Privacy Platform Update - August 21, 2013

Member "Profile Page" Privacy Instructions:

  • Ning just implemented a release that should enable members to choose their "Profile Page" privacy settings.  They can find the option using the pencil icon on their "My Page". A Member can set their Profile Page Privacy (who can view their page and content) to: Everyone, Members, Friends.
  • Additionally, the Network Creator can set the default "Profile Page" Privacy Settings via Sites & Pages.
  • Instructions for Network Creator:
    • From your Dashboard "Toolbar" (upper left), click 1st icon for Social Site Manager.
    • Then, click on link for Sites and Pages. This link is located in left column.
    • Locate your tab/page for Members page.
    • Look for "General" (3 rows down) and choose your Member "Profile Page Privacy Settings".
    • Who can view member list pages (this is the main page where all member icons are listed)? Everyone, Members, Featured Members, Administrators
    • Default profile page privacy? Everyone, Members, Friends
    • Be sure to SAVE your settings.

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