Well, the new Ning is here (July 20, 2010). At first glance, you don't get the feel that there are many new features. But actually, there are quite a few new features that will prove to be critical for the long haul. I think of this first implementation as the new base foundation for the Ning platform.

As I've stated in other discussions, I don't care for the new dashboard.

New Features: (Applies to Premium and Pro Plans):
  • Increased Text Boxes on home page (25, currently 3)
  • Increased RSS Feeds on home page (25, currently 1)
  • Increased characters in Advanced CSS (up to 100,000 characters of CSS, current limit is 15,000) 
  • Increased characters in Analytics Box (up to 20,000 characters of JavaScript or HTML code, current limit is 2,000)
  • Limited Content and Member Statistics (I believe this will much improve over time and platform upgrades)
  • Ning ID is gone. You can finally brand your Ning Network as your own!
  • Increase of menu tabs from 14 up to 50.
Please let me know if I left any new features off the list.

What are your thoughts? Join the Conversation!

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I haven't had time to dive in yet. Thanks for outlining the new features that currently exist. :)

I do have a huge question though: Where is the best place to post glitches I'm encountering or just basic questions I have with the new platform?

For example, the first problem I'm having has to do with the custom domain. It seems I can select the custom domain with or without the "www" subdomain, but the one not selected goes to an "oops" page.

Both with and without the "www" for the custom domain should work, and I can't figure out what's going on with the new dashboard, and am not sure where to ask, as surely many are gathered. I'm a member at Creators, but things feel very fragmented as far as getting help there, too.

Suddenly, I find I'm more clueless than ever. LOL


I'm having the same problem with the domain. On things like this that are Ning bugs and issues, probably best to post on Creators site, and/or send in a Support Ticket.
Here are the current discussions about this:
I hear you on fragmented. But still, if it's a Ning bug, the best place to go.

On design or features, feel free to post here in our Support Group:

Best Regards,
I did what they told me by changing the ip from the old to the new and I get this error over at GoDaddy >>> ERROR - is not a valid IP address


So for now my Domain Mapping no longer works..
I would definitely put in a support ticket to Ning, and maybe get involved in the discussion on Creators:
Hope it gets worked out soon,
Good, but anti-climatic. I guess I was hoping we would be getting everything they have mentioned (for example, header/footer text boxes) .
i found a new feature today... on vids.. you can now make them private or just viewed by friends or everyone, i thought something was wrong when i couldnt feature a new vid lol
That's good. Jenn, we should start a thread for "New Ning things you didn't thing you had". They don't seem to be listing every detail of the change in one place. I just saw the post to turn of "Powered by Ning" in the footer. That's a good one.
I am liking the new Ning. I haven't had any issues and discover new little changes everyday that make things easier. Can't wait for the upcoming features like text boxes in the footer and header. I don't have a problem being "powered by Ning" (LOL) but I am still new to css, networks and everything so I don't really do anything that complicated with my network yet. We will see when I add the code for my new layout. Hoping that some of the expertise here rubs off on me. Keeping my fingers crossed and keeping the faith in Ning!
I've run into two questions/issues with the new Nings.

1. They say there will be test sites - I'm the manager of three different sites, but they were created by other people (these other people pay the bills). So does that mean I won't have access to a test site?

2. Before I could go to ning.com, sign in and see all the ning networks I belonged to. That doesn't happen any more - it only shows those that I've created (which will disappear soon). I belong to lots of ning networks and can't remember what they all are - is that info gone forever?

Any thoughts, folks?
i'll tell you what ; i am definitively NOT IMPRESSED we need to fork out 50.00 if we want music players on our pages what a rip off


I think we should get a lot more than what we are getting now. I did domain mapping and lost some of my contents.



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