Network Creators: If you joined JenSocial, added a Directory Listing, and got a surprise, my apologies...

I just discovered a huge issue with Scripts4Ning's secondary Forum. I only create this discussion to warn other S4N subscribers, to apologize to anyone who has experienced this on JenSocial - - and, to give you all a good laugh! I bet Mr. Anti-Social would be so proud. Keep reading...LOL!

Excerpt from my Support Ticket Email to Ning:

"Good grief! Talking about a shocker and an emergency! I was testing my Directory Listings (secondary Forum by Scripts4Ning), adding a new Directory Listing. I was signed in as PetBrags. When I add the new record, two fields are already populated with someone else's data. Of all things, a Member who had a site called anti-social society network ( is auto-populated in the fields for: URL and his email. See attached screen shot. ....This needs to be corrected asap."


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