At the moment I use the Apps.IO member map which I find quite limited.  I have dropped them a mail about them getting a better design for me but it takes them about 2 weeks to respond to an email. Is there any alternative to this or do you know a company that would design a better, more functional Member map for me and integrate it into my network.

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I don't, but will need one soon too. If looks like TJ has built one, and he created a group to see anyone would be interested. I'm sure a charge would apply since it's a custom app, but fair and worth it.



There is a version available via the profile apps  ! - works very similar all be it a little smaller !

Thanks Alan, hope Kirsten is doing better. Hi to Ryan.


There was a post on Creators by John regarding using Fusion Tables. Click here. I have done some work with this myself and it turned out pretty well. If you need assistance with this let me know.

Thanks Garfield, nice to see you!



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