My site is public. However, I have it set to only show the main page to non-members (guests), which is the ONLY page they get to see unless they sign up to become members (so, I don't really know how "public" that is but anyway . . .) 

Here's my dilemma:

1) I have authors that are signing up to become part of the VIP Author's Elite Club but if my author pages that I need to create won't show to the 'public' because of the "set main page public only", how will the "public" see them? By public, I mean guest who visit the site and are not actual members of the network.

2) If I remove the "View Only Main Page" from the settings to Public can see everything, is there another way to keep non-members from viewing too much on the site like member's profiles, etc.?

With the current setting, it keeps my members profile "private", which I'd like to keep unless the "guest" becomes a network member.

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