If Anyone Is Interested In Getting Rid Of a 2.0 Network I'm An Interested Buyer

Ning 3 could use some improvements and I'm not ready to give up a 2.0 site. I'm a sort of Ning antique and would love to keep the memory of 2.0 alive. If you are a Ning 3 person and think it is better for you, just let me know, we can work out a deal. I previously wanted to swing the opposite way but not anymore, I've lost hope with finding a home in Ning 3 and if you would rather work on the newer platform, I'd be happy to take an old one and style it up. Besides, the cost for running an old one is much lower than a new one, if you guys want to pay for support and members, I'm happy with out it, besides, I have an idea of showcasing a 2.0 site in full production mode and I won't let it go to waste. Its in demand, and the older the better, the newer ones don't have branding options in the footer and a really nice old appearance editor, but don't let that convince me otherwise, even the new old Ning design studio is a breeze to work with compared to the new Ning themes, despite those being transferable to other platforms, which I tried out and tested, and that feature is buggy anyways. Ning 2.0 was coded with grace and I'm willing to still honor that. I'm curious if you have any in stock, I'm right here if you need to plan early. Love you guys, lets have some fun.

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