This is a simple little block of code that will add some engagement icons/links to your Ning Network. I created 2 versions, a vertical and a horizontal. All of the links are ready to go for a Ning Network. All you have to do is copy/paste to a text box.

The icons may not be the best for everyone. You can find great royalty free icons here:

You will see the licensing for each icon in upper left of screen.



Working Example:

Profile Add Blog Add Forum Add Event Add Group Add Music Add Photo Add Video
Profile +Blog +Forum +Event +Group +Music +Photos +Videos



Wide Text Box - Horizontal Version (screenshot)


  • Edit Text Box and click on HTML button.
  • Copy/paste code into Text Box and Save.
  • Done.


Narrow Text Box - Vertical Version (screenshot)


  • Edit Text Box and click on HTML button.
  • Copy/paste code into Text Box and Save.
  • Done.



The sweet little iphone icons were put together by

`-kol on deviantART


You may want to upload the icons to your site to insure optimal loading time:

If you would like access to many tips of this quality, work, and support, head over to Jen's Premium Tip Group!





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1% could mess it up in other browsers, but up to you. I would suggest going the precise method of changing your column width for the 2nd column.

The attached code uses an exact number for table width, and exact number for every cell within the 2 columns.

Best Regards,


That seemed to do the trick, but the icons are missing. :(
Hmmm. Only missing in Chrome. Can see them in IE9
In Firefox there are no icons, but the links a doubled.
Looking now...
I see them fine, but I know what happened. Give me a few minutes...
Looks that way because I put the original code back.

Wow, glad you confirmed you put the original back, was scratching my head over here.


Okay, don't touch the code, and let me tweak again.


I am having issues with broadband card throwing in a prefix to images. I will email you privately where to send your text file.



Try this first. I really can't believe my eyes, about to call TMobile and rip them a new one. To save bandwidth they throw a special ip address in front of the api.ning for all images. It was even saved in the file I sent you, and why the icons disappeared. See if I removed it properly, in attached file.

Sorry, and thank goodness you made me see this was happening before I created some big new tip.

Best Regards,



LOL Sorry to laugh at your T Mobile problem, but I found it ironic that as my Sprint contract comes to an end, I was considering going with them.


It's not centered in Chrome, though it isn't all the way to the left any more. Same in Firefox. The difference is in IE9 Where it remains to the far left of the text box. 


I appreciate your help, Jen. Maybe I better be satisfied that I have cool icon replacing those ugly Ning tabs, eh? ;)

The TMobile card is actually awesome. And it may be that all aircard services do this, probably. But DANG, when you design websites this is extremely inconvenient.  If they would warn you, that'd be nice. I'm using it full time right now because my regular service is being worked on in the area, major deal. I love having the card as a backup too. It's amazingly fast.

Glad the icons are a little better at least.





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