This is a simple little block of code that will add some engagement icons/links to your Ning Network. I created 2 versions, a vertical and a horizontal. All of the links are ready to go for a Ning Network. All you have to do is copy/paste to a text box.

The icons may not be the best for everyone. You can find great royalty free icons here:

You will see the licensing for each icon in upper left of screen.



Working Example:

Profile Add Blog Add Forum Add Event Add Group Add Music Add Photo Add Video
Profile +Blog +Forum +Event +Group +Music +Photos +Videos



Wide Text Box - Horizontal Version (screenshot)


  • Edit Text Box and click on HTML button.
  • Copy/paste code into Text Box and Save.
  • Done.


Narrow Text Box - Vertical Version (screenshot)


  • Edit Text Box and click on HTML button.
  • Copy/paste code into Text Box and Save.
  • Done.



The sweet little iphone icons were put together by

`-kol on deviantART


You may want to upload the icons to your site to insure optimal loading time:

If you would like access to many tips of this quality, work, and support, head over to Jen's Premium Tip Group!





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Thanks a lot JENius!

God bless!

Glad you like it!

Thanks for your generous words,



Thanks, these are great! I already added them!

Great, always happy when you all like a tip! Thank you for the nice feedback.

Best Regards,


NIce work Jen!  thanx!

Happy to hear you like it!

And my pleasure,


Another cool tips Jen!  Have a wonderful day!  Ben


Hope you're doing well these days. Glad you liked it Friend.

God Bless,


Hi Jen, it´s me again. One Question? Can I use its tip with this tip: ?


Thanks in advace!



Hi Sebastian,

Good idea. But I don't think this will work. I tried the code and too many quotes that break it. You should be able to add to the tabbed content or the toggle content - - premium tips.



Hey Jen, this is a great idea!





WOW, This looks good on my site!   Thanks JEN!!



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