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RSS Pump enables anyone to add an RSS Feed URL, and create widget code that will display the RSS Feed into a News Ticker styled output. It's too cool for grits! There are several customization options to choose from, when you create your widget code.


Warning: Before you install a News Ticker on your Ning site, as in any 3rd party script installed on the Ning platform - - if you ever notice their server being slow to load the RSS Feed, be sure to remove the code from your site. I've been using RSS Pump on Client sites for a long time, and never had any significant load time issues on Ning. But it will slow down your load time, due to the constant loading of the code.


Tip: BTW, a great way to check your page load times is on Pingdom.



  • First, let's create our RSS News Ticker, then we will add to the Ning Bar.
  • You can choose any valid RSS Feed URL. For example to display your Latest Activity RSS Feed in a News Ticker, use this URL, changing to your Ning domain:
  • After you grab the RSS Feed URL that you want to feed into a News Ticker styled output, Go to RSS Pump
  • Paste the RSS Feed URL under: 1. Add RSS Feeds
  • Click on Add.
  • Select your options.
  • I don't want to discourage supporting RSS Pump. However, if you have a business site you may want to make sure you uncheck the box for: Support! Otherwise Ads will be included in the stream. If you can allow an occasional Ad Link, please do.
  • The setting for Support! (showing Ads from RSS Pump) is su=0 to set it OFF.
  • Grab your RSS Feed Code (Ctrl + C or right-click copy)
  • Edit the code below, adding your RSS Feed Code where indicated.
  • You may need to adjust the width: 500px;
  • AddRSSFeedNewsTickertoNingBar.txt
  • Add to your Custom Code Box via: My Network/Tools/Custom Code.
  • Save, and done.


Ning Custom Code Example from Text File Above:

<!-- Start Add RSS Feed News Ticker to Ning Bar -->
<script type="text/javascript">
/* Insert RSS Feed News Ticker in NingBar */
if (typeof(x$) != 'undefined') {
var ningbar_rss = '<div style="clear: both; float: left; width: 500px; padding-top: 5px;">YOUR RSS FEED NEWS TICKER CODE, GOES HERE.</div>';
<!-- END RSS Feed News Ticker -->


Text Box or Other HTML Page Option:

  • Do not use the Custom Code above.
  • To add the RSS News Ticker to a Text Box or other HTML page, edit your box/page.
  • On the Ning platform, click on HTML button.
  • Copy/paste the widget code directly from, and click on SAVE.



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Replies to This Discussion

As far as Pingdom I tested my website just now to check the load time and improved from 4.52 seconds to 3.20 seconds simply from just removing the UStream tab I rarely use.

It's weird. I go to the RSS Pump and paste the blog rss url


After I click "Add". It always display Loading...

I paste the wrong url or it doesn't support chinese?

I wonder if the site is blocked, where the feed script is served? It worked fine for me for your RSS URLs:

<iframe src=";speed=2&amp;t=0&amp;d=0&amp;u=0&amp;p=1&amp;b=0&amp;ic=9&amp;font=Verdana&amp;fontsize=12px&amp;bgcolor=&amp;color=000000&amp;type=typewriter&amp;su=1&amp;sub=1&amp;sw=1" frameborder="0" width="100%" height="16" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

You just need to tinker with it. It is not very responsive, but it will work.


One of the few times I wish my network wasn't private. Very cool tip!
You could use an external RSS or Twitter account that applies to your site. =)
Never thought of the Twitter. Great Idea!
Install a skysa bar.  RSS feed is free; I have 2 running and have not experienced any slowdown.
cool tip jenners its pulling posts from days ago though  ? not the most recent.

This was reported by another NC as well. I don't think I can help. It's either the Ning RSS feed, or the way the feed is being read by RSS Pump. My guess is, it's the Ning feed. Whichever Ning RSS Feed you are using, you should see the same when you click on the RSS icon from your Ning site, as you do when it's added to RSS Pump. Is that part true?



hi there Jen,


Thanks for the prompt reply. Apparently the NING RSS seems to be updated and working normally as per however its not reflected in the changes seen when adding the rss ticker to the site itself or even testing it out on the rss pump site :( maybe the situation will resolve itself.


appreciated, nevertheless


:- )

Wow, really odd isn't it? I'm stumped on this. If anything hits me, I'll holler back.





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