Hi Folks... :)

I run button ADS on my Ning site and now that I am getting more of them, I really need to find a way to change the position of them without having to manually rotate them.

Is there some super duper EASY widget or way to do this?

I found this one but I can not get it to work.


If someone can help me get it to work I would be very grateful and if not can someone suggest something that is set up like it.

My problem with this widget (I think) is that when it says add the url of the image, it's not just a url but has to be code that takes you to their shops. It's not just an image I am trying to load but a live link and I think it won't accept the code.

Lora :)

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Nothing??? there has to be something out there folks... :(

Have you searched the Net?

Although I can't usually answer private emails, I did yours on Creators. Here's an excerpt from that email:

"...I did notice a discussion in the VIP Club on JenSocial where a couple of the VIP members were very happy with this script: http://www.htmlbasix.com/banner.shtml

I hope that works for you. I haven't had time to play with it, but it looked fairly intuitive."



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