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You are the captain of your network. Communicate like one. I have recently updated my ever evolving Broadcast Message template. This time I am providing you with something I have never provided with all my past template posts. A web version! (you will see the template as your users will see it). This is a useful resource every network creator should have available to them.

Broadcast Message Features

  • New! - The aforementioned Web Version can be sent with your broadcast message. (allowing you to keep broadcast archives)
  • Non-coder Friendly - You don't have to know any html or css to use this template (just write your content & paste your image links)
  • Built in social network icons - In the footer you can just paste your links and they will show up as social network icons automatically
  • Built in Translator - You can convert your broadcast into over 15 languages including French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, etc.
  • International - Not only can you translate from English to any of these languages you can also write in any of these languages and have it converted to English or any of these other languages.
  • Image support - While you can't upload images into this template the images url you do add can automatically format so text wraps around the image.
  • Up to 7 Stories with images - You can create your own blog in an email and direct activity back to you network. You've heard the expression cash is king? Well, when it comes to social media email is still king. You won't draw activity to your network without regular email contact with those who may not visit your site on a regular basis. And if you are going to contact them text emails just won't cut it.
  • Templates - Once your template is set using it again is simple because all the main elements are there. You won't need to start from scratch. keep your header. Keep your regular weekly spotlight sections just change for the new stuff.
  • Ad Box Ready - You broadcasts are an advertiser's dream if you advertise. You are directing targeted ads in the newsletter format directly to the inbox of your targeted audience for your advertiser on a weekly basis. You can add up to 4 150x150 image ads along the side.
  • Mobile Ready - These HTML emails look great on the mobile browser as email on phones interpret this perfectly.
  • 100% Ning Broadcast Compatible - No concern that Ning will strip out an html tags. We have tested this and only use 100% Broadcast Message compatible tags.
  • Web Accessible - This template is accessible any where you have an internet connection. If you are away from your home computer you can access and send a broadcast from anywhere you have an internet connection.
  • Ning Native - I am not saying my template is better than Mailchimp or Constant Contact but the benefit of using this template is you avoid having to export your member data every time you get new members so you can re-import and update your Mailchimp or Constant Contact Database. Also there are no monthly fees with this template. Plus we have the web version options, translator, and nice template design they offer. You can use links to get a version of analytics.

I could go on but bottomline the Broadcast Message is your network's most powerful tool. I've said one of the best things about Ning Networks is that they are a "glorified email list" and Eric Suez (former online community manager) agreed. You really get the benefits of the social network aspects if you manage the email list aspect really well and this Broadcast Message Template helps you do that.

Check it out!

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The video you added to Creators is great. =)

Thank you Jen. You just reminded me that I must post it here as well. You are definitely welcome to use the template I will send you one myself by tomorrow and I welcome your feedback. Thanks for your support. Videos are important and I want to get better at them and getting that feedback from you is very encouraging. Thanks again.



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