I would be very interested in the 4 column row display for videos on a 2 (wide) Column network as mentioned at this link. Actually reading it over they are asking for 4 Rows not columns so my request would be for a video module that looks like this where each number would represent a thumbnail.


1   2   3  4

5   6   7  8

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Sorry Garfield. I haven't tried this yet. It takes resetting variables so the Ning default columns display 4 instead of 3. And it takes tweaking several class elements. I can't write this, quickly. I wrote it for a Client project for photos. It took quite some time to do - - lot of tweaking and a little bit of hair pulling.


Or, if you see a Ning site where this has been done, let me know. And I'll take a look.


Maybe someone else will know how, or have done it already.




Thanks your reply. I did quite a bit of investigating myself so I understand the complexity involved. So I completely understand. I will keep an eye out in the meantime.  I appreciate your taking the time to reply so quickly.  Thanks.



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