Intro to Social Media Goals, Strategies, Tactics, and Engagement

I like to keep things simple. So, when I read articles about strategies and still felt confused about how to incorporate the article points into my daily plan or long-term goals, it was time for me to break it down to basics.

Strategies” is a word we see everyday, and in our social media world, it is commonly used in reference to marketing. The question keeps coming to me about what this actually means in terms of social media marketing.

Hat Tip! From Wikipedia: Etymology: The term “Strategy derives from the Greek “στρατηγία” (strategia), “office of general, command, generalship”, in turn from “στρατηγός” (strategos), “leader or commander of an army, general” a compound of “στρατός” (stratos), “army, host” + “ἀγός” (agos), “leader, chief”, in turn from “ἄγω” (ago), “to lead”.

Clearly, “Strategy” is originally a military term. Although it seems to be a stretch to think of Social Media Marketing Strategies as a military derivative – think about it again - it takes two to "engage."

Now, let’s break it down into plain English and see how it works with social media marketing strategies.



In simple language, goals are what we strive for everyday. Without goals, we have no direction. Goals can be short-term or long-term.


Strategies are Tactics linked together designed to help achieve a particular Goal.


Tactics are individual tasks or actions that build and support our strategies to reach our goals.


To engage is to take action with our per-determined strategies to meet our goals.


The flow chart below is a visual that shows my personal work flow without a lot of details to be better understood. You will note that I include self-care. On Golden Star Social, I strive to keep a balance and offer self-care as a definitive part of our marketing. If we don't care for ourselves, we can't possibly give and care for others. This is a point that is illuminated throughout the Golden Star Social experience.As you most likely have already done, you can add your own words to fit your situation. From my perspective, a good business plan and a couple of excellent platforms from which to build my business are my core strategies. My tactics will assist me to build, design and offer good content on my business sites. To me, "Engage" is something I do everyday to promote my strategies and to continue to find new tactics.

Let me know, in the comment section below, what your perspective is and what your flow chart might look like or say.




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