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JenSocial (formerly the Ning Directory) is the Largest Online Directory of Social Networks, powered by all Social Networking platforms. JenSocial is not only a Social Network Directory, but a Hub for Network Creators, including Social Media News and Experts. Network Creators can meet, share, learn, and promote their Social Networks, regardless of Social Networking platform. We specialize in Ning Networks and offer tons of Ning Networking Tips, guidance for building your Ning Networks, Custom Ning Design.

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  • IdeenLounge

    Okay, thank you very much! I just thought that I might have made it wrong. I've installed the js files and link to the CSS stylesheet via my custom code box, and add the code to my slider text box ... hm, I also posted my problem to the NingCreators page. But the tip with the iFrame is great, I'll try it. Thank you! :)

  • IdeenLounge

    Many, many thanks for helping us, Jen!

  • Themes by Hippy

    Hello Jen ,

    Its been a long time

    sorry I dont get here much

    Hope all is well for you and yours,

    Its still a plesure to FEATURE your Network

    in my Network it has helped many here in Ning ,

    THANKS for all you offer and do for all...

    Hugs of Peace ,Love & Understanding,

    always your Friend,

    <.... Hippy ....

    If you ever find some free time
    Visit us at Hippys Themes...

  • Marie @ SocialGO

    Hi Jen,

    Thanks for the warm welcome! Let me know when you find the time, I'd be happy to set up a phone call to talk you through everything, and your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. For now, I'll keep an eye out for relevant threads on here.

    All the best,


  • Themes by Hippy

  • Stygo Alphamatt

    Hi Jens,

    I like the new look, nice job.

    It is cool, cos it is clean & very modern.

    I was wondering hence am a VIP, if you could do me a favour & take a look at my Network, cos last time you said sometime about a jigsaw of some css.

    If you could point out what need to be done, i would be glad and could contract you to solve. Finally am satisfied with my looks, but i also want my css to be tight.

    could you help?

    Big up for the fresh new Design.


  • Roadhouse Rockers

  • Stygo Alphamatt

    Thanks, it has been long, it was the time i was looking to set  a Navigation Tab, well since then i have ammended  a lot, so am glad you did not find any big css mistake.

    Thanks for taking a look and the kind words too.


  • Themes by Hippy

  • Mujer de vanguardia

  • Ian Flex Justo

    Hi, Yes that's my facebook image because I signed up to the network via my facebook credentials.

    Been using ning for about 8 months finding your site very helpfull. I might be in touch for some xtra help...

    Check out my network

    Any comments let me know 

  • Intl. Starseed Network (ISN)

    Thank you for featuring me Jen ♥ very much appreciated :)

  • Kingdomz X Magazine

  • lovekoko

  • Allison Leahy

    Jen, Your encouragement is greatly appreciated. Having a blast so far. Striking a balance is the precarious part. Wanted to say 'thanks' and drop off a bit of beauty. 

  • OregonShout _YoUNITY

    Sad 2 SEE U SAD!...May light come from all creation into your heart. May Refuah Shelema be with you and yours... J&T.

  • Limadenoche

    Hello Jensocial,

    I saw a menu navigation the social network and I would like to apply the same navigation menu to my social network

    I wonder if ustede can help me with that .. and how much it cost, I am willing to reward.

    I await your response.

    Pdta. Excuse my English, I mother language is Spanish.

  • E.FM Radio

    This is really nice Jen! Just like I thought---a wonderland. Thank you for approving me. :=)


  • E.FM Radio

    My main reason for being at Ning was always the music...I will hate to see it go. Thanks Jen!

  • E.FM Radio

    Hi Jen! just stopping through to see how you are. I'm having fun now in 3.0.

    Putting things in there. I did the sub tab for the pages I've done so far and added a Cinema. LOL! Total Mad Scientist who knows not much. Anyway...take care. I am accepting critiques btw. :)

  • Anthony

    Hi Jen,

    I sent you an email, am just checking to make sure you received it.

  • Themes by Hippy

  • Mr Schmooze™

    Thanks for your kindness Jen. God Bless You abundantly.

  • Sarah Palin G.A.L.S.

    My most heartfelt sympathy goes out to you on the loss of your Mother dear. May God bring you comfort and peace during this saddest of times. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your me if you need to talk hun.
    sympathy photo: Sympathy.jpg

  • Themes by Hippy



  • Carol (Admin. Magic Happens)

    Thank you for selecting me as one of your Featured Members

  • Themes by Hippy

  • 7H

    tried to email but it was rejected?

    So am posting here. Hope that's OK:

    Hello Jen!

    Hope you are coping alright with all the challenges of the Ning 3.0, will all the challenges of 'life' in general.
    1)  I received a spam message today on JenSocial from "Famatta" (I've blocked her and deleted the message she sent me, but see that she's bothering other folks).
    2)  Not sure what the status of "what do I owe you" is... you had offered an unnecessary lifetime membership in 2.0 last year.
    We are staying with 3.0 (at least planning to at this point) and have 
    MANY questions, some excitement, some trepidation, DEFINITE interest in riding along with Jen (you!).
    Please let me know how to proceed with registering for your VIP Ning 3.0.
    3) Hoping you have many quiet, reflective 'full of rich memories' moments; many vibrant, joyous moments; many pleasant delights and satisfying moments this holiday season,
  • Mario Benites

    Hi Jen, I am not using my Tab manager in my current network, and as you know, I am working in a new one, because I don't like Ning 3.0.I tried Elgg, but it was very limited. We are working with Wordpress right now. But it is too early to show anything. However, I am surprised because of the enormous potential of this cms and the possibility to create plug-ins by ourselves. I guess I will have 60 or 80% of my new social network the second week of January. Then, I will give you the Url :)
  • Rosas † Negras

  • Rosas † Negras

  • Rosas † Negras

    I or put my codes that I use in the debate can i know if it is possible to solve the problem the google bar is amazing would be perfect for me

  • Rosas † Negras

     You may create problem ... the codes of my theme  for T..?

  • Administrator☼JenSocial

    Finally online with all the internet hassles move house and almost settled in our new home and how are you Jen?

  • shwethaungyin

    I was directed here when I asked about being able to allow our members customize their "My Page" so that there could be a text box for them to add info about themselves.

    Is it possible to add a simple text box to their member page for the 3.0 version?

  • Themes by Hippy

    thanks for everything you to help in every way ,

    ....Hippy & HippysThemes....

  • Kingdomz X Magazine

    Happy Thanksgiving Jen!
  • Themes by Hippy

    Wishing you a great day

  • Predestined by God

    Ain't it wonderful being WILD?  LOL.  Your site brings it out of me. I love hanging around here when I can. Thanks for your friendship, your creativity and gifting here, and simply for being the greatest queen in Ningland. BeEp, BeeP! :)

  • Themes by Hippy

  • E.FM Radio

    Hi Jen!!!! How are you?
  • Themes by Hippy

    Thanks for sharing ,


  • Themes by Hippy

    from Hippy


    HippysThemes ,

  • Themes by Hippy

  • Themes by Hippy

  • Themes by Hippy

  • Themes by Hippy

    Image result for saturdayImage result for saturday

  • Themes by Hippy

    sharing Thanks,


  • Themes by Hippy

    Stopped by to say Hi and hope you and yours are well

    and Hug Blessings to all ,Hippy .:-)

    Red Ribbon

  • Themes by Hippy