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JenSocial (formerly the Ning Directory) is the Largest Online Directory of Social Networks, powered by all Social Networking platforms. JenSocial is not only a Social Network Directory, but a Hub for Network Creators, including Social Media News and Experts. Network Creators can meet, share, learn, and promote their Social Networks, regardless of Social Networking platform. We specialize in Ning Networks and offer tons of Ning Networking Tips, guidance for building your Ning Networks, Custom Ning Design.

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  • Kris Olivera

    Hey Jen,

    How did you add sharethis here:

    and do you think it can be done w/ their new buttons seen here?

  • Kris Olivera

    oh I luv it, now I just don't know which one I want to use see here:
  • TJ @ jQueryHelp

    I love your beautiful Tribute to 9/11 Memorial background.  So many fallen heroes and lost loved ones that day.  Great contribution to our collective remembering of that day and what it means, 10 years later.  Blessings and best wishes!



  • MyPoppedArt

    Hmm, the link you left that isn't broken just led me to the private page, not the fashion page.
  • GirlRiders

    Jen - I can't see the ads in the forum interior on either of our sites, can you see them?
  • MyPoppedArt

    Private discussion?  Where is this at?
  • Tips by Alex/JenSocial

    Hi Jen,

    Could you give me the link of the tips that let group have a tab view content. Thanks!!

  • Sarah Palin G.A.L.S.

    Sassy got her turn to graduate  :)
  • Sarah Palin G.A.L.S.

    My PROUD graduate...LOL
  • Fighting for Liberty

    Thanks for having me on this site...I have a couple other sites, a boxer site and a family and friends site, is it possible to add those on here too? Thanks again! Great site here...
  • OmtimesMagazine

    so Jen

    I am going to enter the VIp with this address now, ok?



  • Radar

    Hello Jen,
    First of all, thank you very much for this space. It's been very useful for me since I created my social network and I congratulate you for this iniciative.
    I have a simple question: At the main page of your network, below the menu options, there is a banner flash in flash showing some adds. Is there a instruction of how to add that on my social network?
  • Jonathan Wheeler

    hello Jen, I just contacted you on your other site my custom design thanks for all your help. Your worth every penny you ask for! Excited for them new tips!
  • Sports-Glory

    How did you get your red top bar like that?
  • Fire-Tech

    Aaaaw.. you are going to make the Grinch blush. Yeah, I keep it private cause there's not much to look at. I just chime in to share info, get ideas & ask for help:)

    Thanks so much for the gesture. You are the greatest!

  • nando peters

    thanks for your services will help me ,....very helpful

  • Whazzup

    Hi Jen,


    I have a question for you about the WYSIWYG HTML editor you have on this page:


    When i was still on NING i had this editor also on one of my pages, however , i forgot where i've got it from.


    I would really love to embed it on my website but don't remember where to get it.


    Can you tell me if it's still available somewhere so i can put it on my site?

  doesn't have a good editor in blogs and forums and i would like to offer this editor to my members.


    Could you please provide me the url of the website that's offering this editor?


    Thanks a lot in advance :)



  • Whazzup

    Hi Jen, Thank you so much for the url :) well i remember i only had to add an embedcode into a page, that was all, so maybe we are using diffrent ones? I dont know :)

    Anyway, thanks for the url, you're great :)




  • GirlRiders


    Here's my cc, thanks!

  • Michael aka RAB

    Thanks Jen for the comment about my hat... Everyone on my social network love it too.... While I am here I need help getting the new Ning chat room. I have to old on now and it is working great but was wanting to see what the new chat was like...And if it is better than to old one... I am not to smart on CSS so will need help with that if I have to work around in that area... Thanks for whatever help you can give me....RAB

  • Shade Law

    Hi Jen updated my Profile Love. Have a GREAT Holiday Blessings to you and yours :0)

  • The Dusk Spot

    I feel like I'm In In Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory In The VIP Group, Only It's Codes! "Come With Me And You're See That This Group Is Full Imagination!

  • Bill Smith

    Thanks, Jen.  Happy Holidays to you too!

  • GirlRiders


    Is there a way to hide the ad I inserted with your "add ads inside forums" tip on only one forum page?  We lost a member, and I want to take off the ad off the forum disscussion topic about her.

  • GirlRiders

    Oh, no worries, I was hoping it was easy, its not a big deal.   I just added a bunch of break lines to separate the ad.  One of our members was killed on her motorcycle this weekend, I guess I should have put it on a page instead of a forum, but I'm sure people really don't care, they just want to share their thoughts and memories. 

    Thanks Jen.

  • Sarah Palin G.A.L.S.

    Hoping Jen and family are ok after the tornados...has anyone heard from her yet???

  • Sarah Palin G.A.L.S.

    Oh thank God...I've been so worried...what a disaster you all have had to endure!!! I bet Jazz was upset too!!! Hugz to you and Jazzi girl :)
  • Stephen P

    Well I'm back within the Ning platform and came back to your site..WOW. Great stuff Jen. I have two questions 1) How can I add a custom directory into my ning site and 2)How can I add a page where I can provide docs that can be uploaded by members? Any help you provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and keep up the amazing work!

  • Kingdomz X Magazine

    Hey Jen! No internet service, I'm sending this via /m site. Things have been really crazy here, if you have an email I can contact you via my phone, please send it in private.

    Hope all is well on your end.
  • Themes by Hippy

  • Jeff Ribeira

    Thanks Jen! Glad to be here. I'm relatively new to the GovLoop team (and therefore Ning), but we're hoping to continually make it better :)

    Looking forward to exploring your site!



    Thanks Jen for the welcome hope to enjoy your site...

  • Hitch

    Hi Jen,

    I'm the founder of a Magazine in Fashion and we have been hosting since 2009 a private community on Ning. Now we're moving to our own platform.

    We had made some of the most advanced and stylish  Ning Network that exists on the web. And we wanted to sell the template for anyone interested to seriously build a professional platform.

    If there's any interest for you to buy or sell the code, let me know. Our main purpose is not to make a commercial profit on it because it's going to be very affordable. It's just 100 and 100 of hours of customization (made by our developer since 2009) for the template we used, and as we're leaving Ning, we just want Ning Creators to benefit of it. Let me know if you have any market here. We're building a page for that and it will be available to download soon on our site.

  • Maribelle Hugeu

    Hi Jen, yes its ok to keep as a reference,

    I wish i would have asked for it earlier!

    I am good with CSS but no good with java. Thats another thing on my list to study :)

  • ironman

    Thank you Jen for understanding.  I am a fan of your work!

  • alex wood

    Hi Jen,

     I had an issue with the content in tabs 4 and 5 displaying at the bottom of the box but ive sorted it not, seems when i copied code from DW to the ning page something changed in the text box. Sorry i deleted the post as not to bother you. Im thinking of using mario for a news section page also though.

  • Administrator☼JenSocial

    Yes I noticed the star was gone I though I mucked up some where but the platform has been all over the place and yes I do like the star on my avatar.

  • Administrator☼JenSocial

    I can't even leave a comment with graphic it won't show up maybe tomorrow it will work for me

  • Administrator☼JenSocial

    Well now it's working

  • Carol (Admin. Magic Happens)

    Thank you.... what a nice suprise....I enjoy welcoming new members.   And it is nice to make new members feel welcomed.

  • Administrator☼JenSocial

    Are you aware that your star is ,missing again I have added a star on my avatar I hope you like

  • Administrator☼JenSocial

    Morning Jen, I wonder why it    disappears like that, only you can put them on anyone avatar

    We are having a cold snap this week with snow and the last time that happened was 1980  bloody freezing here well enjoy your summer and remember to get away from the office and have some fun



  • Magic Happens

    Hey, my top one hundred badge is not working on my site, take a look. is it because l have your badge in there..


    Hi Jen,

    looking for tips on how to get free translate website for free that is not google very simple one"


    "looking for tips on how to do video chat on my site for free"

  • Hitch

    Thank you very much Jen! I appreciate your kind message. I have been extremely busy and haven't been in charge of any Ning related stuffs:)

    But here it is:

    You have a stunning design for a very affordable price. Our developer has been working several months updating the network to get this result. We used the layout for several years, and we have been able to build a huge community.

    Now we're moving to another platform, so we decided to share the code to Ning Creators and save them hundred and hundred of hours spending to customize the default Ning layout and make it look unique and professional.!:)

    Happy 4th July!!:)

  • Bas

    Hi, does the eReward point system, working?


  • The Dusk Spot

    When are you implementing the new design? I'm waiting on the edge of my toes to see the magic you create.

  • IdeenLounge

    HELP! We absolutely need to know how to add this beautiful slider (or also a similar one) to our Ning Network (Instant Ad Box). We've tried everything, without success! :(

    Would anyone of you be so kind and have a go?

    It's about this slider (at the top of the page)

    We would be very happy if someone could help us soon as possible. Thank you!

    Best regards
  • IdeenLounge

    Hi Jen,

    thank you. Well, I thought the slider is already ready to add. My Problem is, I'm not sure if I've done it in the wrong way or if it is a Problem with Ning. The CSS-Stile, HTML-Code an JS can be found on the page. So, I thought for someone who knows about CSS, it will costs only 2 Minutes to try it. Unfortunately, I am not good in CSS etc.