Hi Everyone!

Wow, Ning has really stepped up their game in the past year! That makes me smile in a big way! I don't think I could ever not love this platform. Well, it was a challenge during their trials and tribulations. But, don't know if it could have been prevented after the first changing of the guard. From everything I have seen in the past year, it's looking like Ning is back full-speed and maybe better than ever.

Just to let you know why I've neglected JenSocial - - I've been designing websites on other platforms in addition to Ning. Plus, I took a 10 month break for an onsite project. But, I continued to design Ning sites at night and weekends. I'm trying to get my Client base built back, and return to Ning-land like I was in the good old days.

I just wanted to say hello to everyone (hope some of you are still around), and let you know I'm trying to think of the best way to rejuvenate JenSocial, and start kicking up tips again! Any ideas are welcomed! I was hoping to transition over to 3.0 before rebuilding. And, maybe I should just start over on a 3.0 site? But wow, some of the tips on JenSocial, I even use them! I would hate to lose the tips.

Hey, if you have joined the site and not approved (and see this), contact me via http://www.jencreative.co/contact-us/ ; or https://creators.ning.com/members/Jen and I'll be sure to find your member account and approve. There are several 100 waiting.

Wishing the best to all of you, and hope to hear from you.


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  • JenSocial

    Edie, so great to see you! I popped a comment on your profile, too! Happy to hear you still have your Ning site. I had seriously considered completely re-doing and moving forward with a new launch for JenSocial. But, since so little response to this post, sort of answered that question. But, still considering it! Sad thing is, after years of sooooo many Ningsters begging for Ning to 'come back' to us like in the good ole days, Ning finally came through, but seems it was too late for the old gang. I still hope for those days to return! Ning has a dynamite product at this point.

  • Susan Daniels

    Hi Jen. I still use this site for code. LOL! You've put so much work into this site, I'd like to see it continue for sure. Warmly, Susan

  • JenSocial

    Hey there Susan! Always great to hear from you. I hope all is well, And, happy to hear you can still use some of the tips on JenSocial.